Marius Boekhorst is a multi-disciplinary Artist and Designer from the Netherlands. With an educational background in art and design – He is working across a wide range of mediums and disciplines within the world of art, design, fashion and music. 

The Petal chair takes its cues from the repetitive organic shapes found in nature’s flower petals. With its sculptural feel and flowing lines, it is an abstract and almost artistic interpretation of the many forms in which flower petals may appear.

The result is a playful dialogue of curvilinear and clean lines, where as much emphasis is placed on the outside as the inside of the design. A subtle yet strong play of lines wraps around the bottom surface and gently fades out, completing a continuous form.

By experimenting with advanced technologies combined with traditional hand craftsmanship, it creates an exciting interplay between nature and technology – with the result of bringing the design to life.

I’m inspired by pushing the boundaries and limits of a material and exploring ways to manipulate them. My design work approach is very experimental driving – during this process I like to be open and be aware of ‘mistakes’. Sometimes these mistakes or unplanned directions can be the start of a new outcome. Always try to have fun and let it come naturally. Don’t overdo it. -Marius Boekhorst-

The base of the chair is printed with a 11 feet 3D printer in recycled glass fiber reinforced polypropylene. Due its organic shape and large overhangs it balances on the edge of what is and what is not possible to print. It took almost 1 year of development together with several technical engineer experts to get it right. After printing – it has been adjusted with various traditional hand craftsmanship methods and treated with different multiple coatings for a smooth & even high gloss finish.