The Montblanc 1858 collection is inspired by the heritage of Minerva. The design is anchored in the world of mountaineering, with distinctive features referring to the original 1930s chronographs. The vintage look can be finished with a NATO strap. Montblanc has been working together with Julien Faure, a French company specializing in woven straps since 1864, to create the NATO strap.

The collaboration with Julien Faure is a logical choice for Davide Cerrato, Managing Watch Director at Montblanc. Both Houses share the same values: preserving, celebrating and passing on craftsmanship, tradition and know-how. Moreover, they have a rich history and stand for quality, comfort and unique designs.

Julien Faure still works with machines from the 18th century and even has custom made machines so that the traditional methods were not lost, a choice they made in the 1970s as a result of technological innovations in the industry. With the old machines, the company can preserve the richness of the craft and is able to weave with techniques that are no longer possible on new, automatic machines.

The old machines make it possible to design a unique NATO strap for Montblanc. Extra light and flexible, including a blue and white striped design. The woven ribbon becomes a real watch strap by using a specific technique to create two “tunnels” in the strap to which the watch case can be attached.

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