Denmark's leading boutique hotel chain Brøchner Hotels has opened in  2019  a new 4-star+ luxury boutique hotel in the former Carlsberg brewery buildings. Hotel Ottilia invites guests to stay in a true Danish icon and get an extraordinary hotel experience, as the history of the former brewery buildings is brought to life in the new design and story of a boutique hotel.

You probably think about beer when reading ‘Carlsberg’, and for a good reason. The Carlsberg City district is where the world-famous Carlsberg beer was brewed from 1847-2008 in iconic and now listed buildings, which in the beginning of 2019 will reopen as the 4-star+ luxury boutique hotel Hotel Ottilia.

The design of Hotel Ottilia reinterprets the industrial and iconic architecture in innovative ways, as the original and unpolished architectural details of the industrial brewery buildings are preserved throughout, providing an intriguing contrast to luxurious furnishing and contemporary design.

64 stunning gold-shields with a diameter of no less than 2,2 meter, stands out on the façade of Hotel Ottilia. Behind each gold-shield hides a unique room with 3,4-meter-high ceilings, complementing the original architecture. Decorating the opposite façade are 64 enormous round windows, with the same size as the gold-shields. These round panoramic windows are big enough to serve not only as a window, but as a curved halfmoon couch covered with soft leather cushions. 

In the original round tower, guests can stay in exclusive suites, with classic and at the same time cool design, large multi-sided turret-windows, stucco and refined details true to the original architecture. The rooms and suites truly combine extravagant features with the raw industrial and original elements.

To enhance the guest experience, Hotel Ottilia offers a digital hotel stay via the guests’ private mobile device. With this, hotel guests can skip the key card and use their private mobile to check in and out, unlock the door to their room and wayfinding. Also, content viewed on any mobile device, can easily be streamed to the screen in the room.

More than just a hotel for guests and locals:
Hotel Ottilia is the first hotel in the Carlsberg City District with 155 rooms, conference facilities and venue space for up to 200 persons, bars, a new spa & bath concept, a rooftop terrace overlooking Copenhagen with both in- and outside seating in the new Italian restaurant.

The district is going through an urban renewal where new architecture is mixed with historic buildings and gardens, all of which are part of Copenhagen's history. In addition, Hotel Ottilia is located next to Copenhagen Zoo, the Meat Packing District and Vesterbro, known for its vivid cultural, bar and restaurant scene.

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