Everyday, One of a Kind, Now and Hereafter

Presented on Thursday, June 22 at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE SPRING SUMMER 2024 COLLECTION, Everyday, One of a Kind, Now and Hereafter, builds upon a reflection of the brand’s original design and making, derived from the technology of garment pleating.

The collection engages in a process of refinement that explores what is quintessential to the brand. What has become apparent, as a result, is an array of new garments in silhouettes of uncomplicated designs in a range of fresh colors. Made possible by the brand’s ingenuity and technologies, a collection of garments designed and made as products for everyday life conveys the philosophy of HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE.

The show begins with a large roll of pleated paper unrolling across the museum gallery space. Once the garments inside the pleated roll are revealed, the design team appears on stage and dresses the models. By incorporating part of the garment pleating process into the scenography, the show demonstrates the potential of the very technology.


MONTHLY COLORS introduces fresh, new colors every month. The color palette of this season offers a balance of soft and rich colors found in nature, inspired by hues extracted from dyed natural materials.


RECTANGLE forms the very construction of its name when laid flat. When worn, it transforms into an asymmetrical silhouette, with its edges naturally draping along the body.


PICTURESQUE is a print series of scenery found in nature: mountains, wind, and earth, depicted in simple triangular and circular shapes. The layering of the translucent paints brings out the depth of the colors, and the bold strokes lend themselves to this strong interpretation.


HORIZON is a new series of horizontally pleated garments. The idea of changing the direction of the pleats, as simple as it may seem, was made possible by years of experience working with our technology. As the wearer moves, the garment bounces gently and gives a touch of lightness to the silhouette


WING COAT is inspired by the wings of aircrafts and birds. Resembling wings, the back vent expands in the wind and gives the silhouette a sense of movement. The natural texture of the lightweight stretch fabric lends itself to an airy, comfortable fit.


PL RAMIE SHIRT features a cape-like design layered over the shoulders. The smooth texture of the stretch material forms the softness of the drapes. It is available in 3 styles and lengths.


EDGE ENSEMBLE & EDGE COAT LIGHT feature wide accordion pleats. The fabric of EDGE ENSEMBLE is woven from recycled polyester with a gentle gloss and feels dry to the touch, giving a sense of lightness to the formal look. EDGE COAT LIGHT is available in two new styles of a trench coat and a hooded jacket.


LIKE LOAFERS are a new style of shoes inspired by formal wear. The loafer is made of a stretch material that makes the casual shoes easy to put on. Available in 3 colors: beige, charcoal, and black.

published by Nadia ten Hove