During the quarantine times we had a chance to work on an exclusive project and interview with top model Sean O'Pry, who was captured on the streets of New York with his girlfriend Fernanda Liz by Kat Irlin.

Who are you  and what is your profession?

Hey everybody, I’m Sean O’Pry. Pronounced ( O-prī not O-prey) I’m from Kennesaw, GA and I have worked as an advertising associate(model) in fashion since 2006.

How do you think Covid-19 will affect the fashion industry both long-term and short-term?  How do you see the impact of Corona crisis on the general perception of fashion? Do you believe everything will just go back to normal after Covid-19, or how do you see it will be?

I think fashion is an expression and not a perception since I have the honor to portray other people's ideas and art through my image and movement. Being from a small town in Georgia, I don't think of perception too much. I think that has helped me through my career. 

Looking short-term, I believe things will change drastically. Not just in fashion, but the way we live our lives. Specifically, within the fashion industry, traveling, location shoots, interaction on photoshoots, and events will take a backseat for a while. Thus, we will all have to reinvent ourselves for the time being. 

Long-term is a lot harder to look at, as there are a lot of factors to consider. Some of these we might haven't seen or heard of yet. Will we have a vaccine, will the fear of something like this happening again go away? Like the rest of the world, I think the fashion industry will have a new normal. Much like social distancing it's a term I hadn't considered before but I'm excited about being on a journey with the most creative people in the world and seeing how we evolve together.

I genuinely think this is a fantastic time for the fashion industry to reset. It will allow the amazing creative people in the industry to do what they do best. Envision, create, and innovate the way we work. I think COVID-19 will make a massive shift in the industry in a positive way. Quality over quantity every day

How do you spend your Quarantine time and are you still able to create while being quarantined?

 During quarantine outside of the usual Netflix and wine I’ve been drawing and painting quite a bit. I’ve been very fortunate to be ‘stuck’ with 2 ‘people’ I love very much. Tallulah and Fernanda.

What is your first memory with fashion? And how did you start modeling?

My first fashion memory would come day 2 into modeling on my first shoot with Nagi Sakai.  We were shooting D magazine with another model from my agency named Marcus Hedabrandh. It was my first time changing in front of anyone other than a family member and they gave me these mui mui sandals with socks ,shorts and a big jacket…I turned to the other model changing at the time( Marcus) and asked “do I really have to wear this..?” He laughed and walked away. We are friends now, it took him a few years though. I talked a lot.

What is the coolest new thing you have learnt since being quarantined and what made you learn it?

 It might sound weird but silence. The ability to be centered in such an unsure time.

Tell us something about yourself that isn't on your CV.

My first job was building retaining walls for pools over 3 summers, and then I worked at Abercrombie kids as a welcomer. I got fired after 3 weeks.

What is the first thing you like to do when you wake up, and last thing you like to do before going to bed?

First thing I do is make a coffee and feed Tallulah. Last thing I do is kiss my girls and pray before I go to sleep.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If yes, describe your experience of Amsterdam in one sentence.

Yes I love Amsterdam. Describe Amsterdam in one sentence….Too much fun.

What is your go-to work-out for staying in shape? What does working out mean to you? 

If you know me I pace constantly, so my mind and metabolism run at 1000x a minute, I’ve been fortunate for that. Working out for me will be more weight training than cardio to keep weight on and gives me a since of peace and fulfillment. Growing up in sports it was a part of the natural progression and I’ve continued that into this field as well. 

What is your favorite books and has it inspired you for any of your work thus far?

At the moment focusing more on educational books within art and architecture than self help or fiction. Studying a lot of Sol Lewis/frank Lloyd Wright and Dan Flavin retrospectives.

Are you working on any cool new projects during these times?

At the moment I’m in the startup phase of a new exciting venture with my friend Oliver. More information coming soon.

Tell us about your beautiful golden retriever. How great is it to have a dog as part of your life? 

 Tallulah is hands down the best dog. Cuddles on command and also when she decides, which is constant. Only downside is the amount of vacuuming because of all the shedding during the warmer months. 

What is your favorite place you have visited so far and that you would love to re-visit in the future again?

Savusavu, Fiji. If you love an untouched beautiful oasis of people, land and water, this place is for you. The land and water are from another world but it’s the locals that really make this island magic. Bula Bula!

You can follow Sean on instagram @seanopry55

Timotej Letonja