Last week we had a chance to spend some time with top model and musician Sam Way.  Photographed exclusively via Zoom by Zeb Daemen.

Who are you  and what is your profession ?

In a way I'm more interested in the question. Everything in us changes, I don't want to define myself as 'this' or 'that'  –  I have certain patterns, passions, interests and failings. Does that make me who I am? Who is the 'who' that is even asking the question? Is that me? The one that questions? Something more constant that lies deep down. – But yeah I bet you wish you never asked. So my name is Sam, my last name is Way, I don't have a middle name. I'm seemingly compelled to make music and sing songs. I'm a male model, have worked prolifically in the industry with everyone from Nick Knight to Bruce Weber, Hugo Boss to Kate Moss, I also love chocolate milk, making things with my hands, and my mates…who I'm missing a lot right now in lockdown. 

How do you think Covid-19 will affect the fashion industry both long-term and short-term?  How do you see the impact of Corona crisis on the general perception of fashion? Do you believe everything will just go back to normal after Covid-19, or how do you see it will be?

I don't know really. I can only make massive sweeping generalisations and guesses. But here's my guess just cos you asked. Short term, online business and certain categories of clothes are going to do surge. Companies will strip the fat from wherever they can and come out operating more efficiently and will wonder why they didn't do this sooner, People will lose jobs, more people in the entire sector will work from home and they will enjoy it. Masks are now the latest fashion statement. A lot of brands will fold, or downscale operations to survive. Customer confidence to be back in the retail space will slowly, slowly return, but it's going to feel weird for a while, and some people are going to find it more challenging than others. There will be less people on fashion shoots, maybe there will br tests as a requirement to make sure everyone there on set is healthy. Rates will be cut. In the long term, fashion and the creatives working in it, will just find a way, or give up. You cannot stop creation, and innovation. Fashion should be at pinnacle of this. I cannot not think that the industry will find a way and adapt. It may also completely implode on itself as we know it and maybe nothing will ever be the same again…but there will still be fashion…we will still need to shield our soft skin in the rain, or want adorn ourselves with clothes that make us feel more than we are. Whatever happens – will will rise to the occasion. 

How do you spend your Quarantine time and are you still able to create while being quarantined?

A creator, will compulsively create. Look at us now and what me made. Zeb shot me and directed me on the floor of my mums house through a ZOOM call! That being said, I've been keeping super busy, recording, speaking to clients, writing songs on my mums beat up piano. However, all this time alone in the home studio I've set up downstairs has made me realise how much I'm inspired and motivated by working with other people. Sometimes always driving the bus, just makes my engine give out. 

What is in your planning or was in your planning for this year and how will Covid-19 effect that?

I had gigs planned. Travels. Tours. Friends weddings. I can so music from home and collaborate remotely. But I just feel like life so much life as I knew it is on hold. 

What is your daily beauty routine like? And what beauty products you cannot go without?

I have to shout out the guys at Decorte here – who gifted me the most beautiful set of face creams and tonics at the beginning of lockdown. My skin, and indeed the whole familes, is looking so good because of it. However, in my opinion, there is nothing better (or more tightening for the skin) than a cold shower. Not everyones jam. Only the brave. 

What is the coolest new thing you have learnt since being quarantined and how did you learn it?

My girlfriend Lisa King has took it upon her self to teach online Art classes every week on Zoom. I've been taking part every Thursday sat with my mum in the room next door. We've been loving it and have been learning how to 'commit to our lines' when drawing, make repeat prints, work with watercolours and incorporate text as a form of inspiration for our work. Get involved and see you there. 

Tell us something about yourself that isn't on your resume.

I make the best Vegan – Mocha – Espresso Martinis – dayum, I wanna make one now. 

What's the first place you'd want to go when it's safe again to travel and go out of our homes and why there?

I run the risk of sounding terribly British with this one…but here goes – (please imagine me shouting this) THE PUUUUUUUUUUUUBB.

What is your favorite song at the moment and why? Do you have a playlist that you would like to share with us?

Hmm not one song. But you can find a few of my playlists here. 'Music to Dream to' is my go to at the moment. 

What is the first thing you like to do when you wake up, and last thing you like to do before going to bed?

I mean if I can have the discipline to do some yoga or gentle stretching in the am or the PM – then I know I'm either going to have a great day, or sleep like a log. 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If yes, describe your experience of Amsterdam in one sentence.

I have 🙂 This is what I make of your fair city from my very terrible memory = People outside small bars and restaurants by the canals, renting bikes or just walking looking for things to munch on, street art, vibes, a general ease and lightness in it's character. 

What is your go-to work-out for staying in shape? What does working out mean to you?

I used to be a total gym head, but I've completely converted to self practising yoga most days. It keeps me lean, supple and strong without building tension. Working out to me means a space you but yourself in to challenge yourself and push your edges. 

 Tell us about your newest music single. 

The latest release is right here  and it's called 'Made of Clay.' For me this song relates to the first question you asked me 'Who are you?' or maybe more – Who are you going to be?

How did you start with music and at what age?

I was always super into music as a teenager and would spend all my money on CDS and mixtapes. It wasn't until I moved up to London however that I began writing songs in the manner I do now. So I guess my conventional standards, I started late, when I was 23 ish? I wasn't one of these people that knew they wanted to be a singer their whole lives. I feel if anything, that it wasn't me who found music, but music that found me. 

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