At home with Mads Mullins at IMG, captured by Alex Cruz.

Who are you and what is your profession?

 My name is Mads Mullins, I am an artist, a self proclaimed weirdo, and very eclectic.  My profession is a creative visual artist (model) I make art by using my body in ways that create a story. 

 How do you think Covid-19 will affect the fashion industry both long-term and short-term?  How do you see the impact of Corona crisis on the general perception of fashion? Do you believe everything will just go back to normal after Covid-19, or how do you see it will be?

I believe that the fashion industry won’t change that much once we get past Covid-19. If the virus doesn’t go away anytime soon the effects on the fashion industry will be more on the side of restricted travel but that’s all I see changing. Artists always find a way to continue to create.

How do you spend your Quarantine time and are you still able to create while being quarantined?

 I spend most of my time with my family or playing video games. I do try to continue making art and keeping my creativity thriving 

What is your first memory with fashion? And how did you start modeling?

My first memory is when I was 4 years old in England in a little market, I saw a long pink coat with fur around the edges that I just fell in love with, the coat made me feel expensive and pretty. I started modeling around two years ago when I saw my mother agents ad on Facebook, I contacted her and got signed immediately. 

What is your daily beauty routine like? And what beauty products you cannot go without?

I wake up and brush my teeth and I exfoliate my face with the milk makeup cleanser and then I moisturize and do a lip scrub so I can put on my lip moisturizer.  I can’t go without my milk moisturizer and lip gloss, they make my skin so glowy. 

Tell us something about yourself that isn't on your resume.

 I used to be an animal care technician at my local SPCA, I love animals so much.  I also know how to weld metal. 

What's the first place you'd want to go when it's safe again to travel and go out of our  homes and why there?

 I just want to get back to work so either back to Paris or New York. 

What is your favorite song at the moment and why? Do you have a playlist that you would like to share with us?

Right now I am obsessed with the song strawberry kisses by Olivia Herdt, this song just makes me happy and relaxed. It’s a bit different then my usual rock and 80s style. 

What is the first thing you like to do when you wake up, and last thing you like to do before going to bed?

When I wake I grab my switch and play animal crossing, the last thing I do is either play more animal crossing or play Call of Duty on Xbox. 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If yes, describe your experience of Amsterdam in one sentence.

 Sadly I have not been to Amsterdam yet but I hope I can go very soon. 

What is your favorite painting and has it inspired you for any of your work thus far?

This is a hard question because all art speaks to me in different ways, but if I had to say it would be the beautiful works of Hanna Jaeun in particular the painting called “past memories”. In my art I have been inspired by her but I would like to do more works like her style. 

What make-up products do you swear by?

I live for milk makeup products. They make my sensitive skin feel so smooth and nice

What is your favorite shade of lipstick and why?

I love a sheer pink glossy lipstick or a dark classic red. 

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