At home with Casil McArthur, captured by Antonio Eugenio.

Who are you and what is your profession?

I am Casil, a man who loves pretty things and who is trying to change what masculinity means to people. My profession is modeling, and as a trans man, I feel very lucky to be given this type of platform to be able to bring my world into the homes and sight of people who may not think too much on trans experience. 

How do you think Covid-19 will affect the fashion industry both long-term and short-term?  How do you see the impact of Corona crisis on the general perception of fashion? 

Obviously because photoshoots and runway shows always involve a lot of crew/people working close together to create something, I think the epidemic has effected the industry on every level.  It'll be a long time before things can go "back to normal" so the best thing fashion can do is be as innovative with its creative process as possible, video call and zoom shoots it is for now!


 How do you spend your Quarantine time and are you still able to create while being quarantined?

Being creative in quarantine is very easy with all the free time. I've spent my time drawing, writing songs and playing video games. But I do believe my fashion creativity has been lacking, for now I am okay with not focusing on outfits and style all the time. 


What is in your planning or was in your planning for this year and how will Covid -19 effect that?

I was in London when the travel ban was about to take place, luckily I got home before I ended up spending the duration of quarantine in a different country.  I had a few plans to travel for work this year which is no longer possible for an undetermined but probably very long amount of time, I think this coming fashion week in September won't play out as usual which is sad. But I'm excited to see how the industry handles these hurdles. 



What is your daily beauty routine like? And what beauty products you cannot go without?

Nothing too special, I've finally gotten my skin to balance out so skin care has gotten super easy (I suffered from very bad cystic acne for a while due to hormone imbalances, I found out its not great too forget to take my testosterone for a month…. oops.) I wash my face every night before I go to sleep, and then I use pure vitamin E oil to keep my skin hydrated and to help with any lasting scarring and fine lines I massage my skin with small circles gently using my ring fingers. I spend maybe 15 minutes for my whole routine. I just ran put of this product, but I was using Elysian finishing treatment after the vitamin e oil and that left my skin incredible looking/feeling. I cant live without it, I have to get more!


What is the coolest new thing you have learnt since being quarantined and how did you learn it?

I learned how to hitch a car onto a towing trailer, to help my friend. Trial, error, and then FINALLY, YouTube! A good lesson for life! 


 Tell us something about yourself that isn't on your resume.

I really miss being a barista and working at the cute coffee shop in my town. I love coffee and teas, I love creating drinks for people to enjoy. It's a relaxing job even on the most hectic of days and the constant flow of regular and new faces is always a joy. 


What's the first place you'd want to go when it's safe again to travel and go out of our homes and why there?

I haven't really thought of that, maybe on a road trip with friends? I've always wanted to see Zion national park, I hope I can go there soon one day. 


What is your favorite song at the moment and why? Do you have a playlist that you would like to share with us?

 Agostina by Puscifer, I just really really really love the guitar and bass towards the end. It gives me goosebumps. So good.  I don't really have a playlist because I don't use music apps. I like CDs, I prefer listening to full albums, my favorites are from Tool, all of their albums are episodic. 

 What is the first thing you like to do when you wake up, and last thing you like to do before going to bed?

I like to make a cup of tea and check my animal crossing in the morning(a very cute video game I love.) Before bed I like to watch what Trevor Noah and Markiplier have uploaded for the day on YT, then I do a meditation to help me sleep.

What is your go-to work-out for staying in shape? What does working out mean to you?

I don't really care for working out. I know that I should and I'll have to become serious with it as I get older but for now, I just like doing exercises that involve laying or sitting down on the floor. I've been walking a ton recently. 


What is your favorite painting and has it inspired you for any of your work thus far? 

I'm not sure I could name a single painting, I like tons of art but I never remember the names of them. I own a few prints of anthropomorphic goat paintings from an artist who is local to my state named Dusty Ray, I /LOVE/ their artwork. I also commissioned a goat art piece from @Jhuisk on Instagram, they're also local to Colorado and I'm so so so excited to meet with them to receive it once it's safe! ♡ 


 What does Pride mean to you? 

To uplift the amazing black and brown trans women of our community. We can't forget to thank who came before us, and why we even have pride to begin with.  There would be no pride without Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, we would have no pride without black trans women.  We have to make sure trans women of color are supported, protected, loved, hired, paid, encouraged, thanked, and that should be year round. 

Tell us about your activism activities for the Trans community. 

Right now my activism has been going to protests in my state for Black lives matter, fighting against police brutality, and racism. Black people are dying at a higher rate from covid and because of systemic racism many do not have the privilege to have been able to quarantine. These marches are more important than staying in quarantine especially when so many simply cannot do that even if they desperately need and want too. We all need to be focusing, and keep going to these protests.

In the words of my friends Jame and Camille.  "This doesn't end until our officials, recognize the grievances of a people and the potency of a moment to radically redress their communities. Too demand of our congress, our house, our nation, a full and comprehensive reparations program. Until they will demand Healthcare as a human right and cut its ties from one's market exploitation. Until they will guarantee dignity and the means to live to all of our citizens. Until they will do what they were put there to do and actualize what the only legitimate role of a government is: to secure the freedom of individuals within a collective to self determine their own lives and allow our finest human capacities to flourish."

We must not allow those who wish to see this moment pass, to hijack the now. We need to defund the police and I personally believe we must fight to abolish them. Abolish ICE, predatory social work, the military, and landlords. 

Create autonomous zones. Keep marching. 

Timotej Letonja