Hiša Denk, a restaurant with family tradition going way back to 1972, is located in the heart of Styria region, on the outskirts of Maribor. Today's generation has a vision of creating a special dining experience for their diners, with using the finest local produce and combining the best of the past with the modern skills and techniques, which earned them their first Michelin star in June 2020.

When you arrive at Hiša Denk, you are awaited by a modern, yet simple design, which provides comfort and sense of tranquility. The friendly waiters take you to your table and before you've even sat down you are served with a glass of perfectly chilled champagne. 

There is no menu at Hiša Denk, the cuisine is always changing and offers their diners an exquisite experience through 3, 5 or 7 courses menus. To excite your taste buds, the local tradition meets with the 21st century twist. At Hiša Denk, the culinary experience is completed with an extensive selection of 470 different local, national and international wines – white, red and orange, which are suggested in sync with your meal by the experienced sommelier, Kari Wiggen.

Chef Gregor Vračko places significant focus on the presentation and the smallest details. He loves to play with the concept of a surprise menu, where the diner is left wondering of how many courses he or she ordered. In his words, the dish has to have a head and a tail. When your dishes are served, the plates express the love for cooking and the great talent behind it. The dishes are truly exquisitely connected into a meal, intertwined with the finest flavors to perfection. For his culinary skills and techniques he was awarded as the best chef in Slovenia in 2005.

Chef Vračko was born with culinary skills in his blood and has always been drawn to the world. He traveled the world, working in prestigious kitchens across Europe. He then ended up in California at Thomas Keller's French Laundry, a restaurant that has been long-hailed as one of the best restaurants in the world. When he returned to Slovenia, he breathed a new life into the traditional family restaurant, which is today one of the six restaurants in Slovenia with a Michelin star.

If you are a culinary lover or not, Hiša Denk must be on your list to experience. Your taste buds will be spoiled to the highest level. The friendly waiters will present each dish to you to the detail. And the sommelier will be there all the way through your meal, filling up your glass with a new wine, which blends perfectly with each course. If possible, Chef Vračko himself or his wife will come to your table to greet you and welcome you to their restaurant.

"Every dishes is precisely detailed and incredibly delicious. We highly reccomend it."

For bookings and more information visit theri website: http://www.hisadenk.si

Timotej Letonja & Jana Letonja