A era the success of TWOJEYS’ rst collaboration together with the talented Manu Rios in 2020 under the name ‘Trust No One’, TJ returns to create a collection together with the actor with a common theme; the duality of love and heartbreak. Each of the pieces has its own symbolism but always following that line. An ode to the eternal, the abstract and the beauty of the ephemeral. Intangible concepts when we talk about love and lovelessness.

LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT takes strength through the color red, a color that has both posi- tive and negative connotations and that undoub- tedly re ects the strength, passion, and also the destruction of it, symbolizing the ephemeral. is collection speaks of constant change, of the states of love, and of the beauty of living them with in- tensity.

TWOJEYS x MANU RÍOS presents the collec- tion formed by a total of 15 pieces; 7 necklaces, 4 rings, 3 earrings and a bracelet. In addition to 4 accessories in the form of two belts, keychain and matches, and a candle.

TWOJEYS is a unisex jewelry brand created in 2019 by Joan Margarit and Biel Juste. Inspired by the Californian style during a trip along Route 66 from Las Vegas to Palm Springs, they decided to embark on a new adventure and create the TWO- JEYS universe. A brand of unique and timeless jewelry for him and her, designed and handmade in Spain with sustainable, local logistics and biodegradable packa-ging. Both founders, creatives, entrepreneurs and be- longing to generation Z have always been clear that “If you do not nd what you are looking for, create it yourself”. With this motto as a ag, TJ aims to inspire and create a unique style, provi- ding a value that goes beyond a jewelry product. Twojeys is a family, united by a lifestyle that en- hances the versatile and unisex side of the brand. 

MANU RÍOS is a singer and actor with more than 9M followers on Instagram and 1.5M on Youtube. He works with brands such as Dior, Louis Vuit- ton, Prada, Jacquemus, Ferragamo, AMI, Valen- tino… and so forth. Manu has starred at Les Miserables theatre play as Gavroche and he is now one of the new cast members of Net ix’s show ‘’Élite’. He has also appeared in magazines such as GQ, Numéro, Vogue, Esquire… to name a few.