Berlin Fashion Week is in full swing with shows from AVENIR, SF1OG, ESTHER PERBANDT, MARKE, NEO.FASHION or NAMILIA. Berlin was welcoming a new wave of talented and creative designers strengthening its position as the center of sustainable fashion and upcycling. This fashion week was the perfect mix of art and convictions.


The title of the MARKE Spring/Summer Collection 2024 is ‘HIDE & SEEK’.  It is about (childhood) melancholy and retrospects – about breaking away from the brutality of realism through memories of carefree and uninhibited moments.  The aim is to draw strength from the collection and to look ahead instead of being overwhelmed by the curated negativity of the media landscape.


AVENIRS Spring/Summer 2024 collection called Synthesis is a statement for freedom and equality.  With her designs this season, designer Sophie Claussen explores the fashionable self-development of each individual.


After two days of captivating shows, emotional roller coasters, and creative insights, Neo.Fashion. 2023 concluded with the highlight of the event, the Neo.Fashion Award Show. The Best of the Best, representing 12 graduates from a total of 12 renowned universities and art schools across Germany, proudly presented their impressive graduation collections in the Best Graduates Show, captivating the audience with their creativity and innovation.

Under the guidance of the patron of Berlin Fashion Week, the Fashion Council Germany, a prestigious jury composed of industry experts evaluated the works in the categories of Best Design, Best Sustainability Concept, and Best Craftsmanship.


Political opinions, dreams, convictions and conflicts packed into unique, progressive and finely crafted high fashion: Namilia already caused a stir last season and is now following up on this success with the Spring/Summer 2024 collection. With “In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy” Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl want to do away with the cliché of female “gold diggers”. They paint a new image of the “gold digger,” one that defies the misogynistic social norms of class barriers.


SF1OG presented the show for the spring/summer collection 2024 “21: 16-3-1” in the architecturally impressive, light-flooded Ludwig Erhard Haus. Accompanied by live piano music, SF1OG showed typically diverse models, typically diverse and gender-neutral looks: androgynous silhouettes, lots of black and white, leather, lace, draping and layering. And all of them showed various fashion quotes from traditional equestrian sports: horse dolls, muddy riding boots, crops.