Berlin Fashion Week was in full swing with shows from PODYH, LITKOVSKA, FASSBENDER, RICHERT BEIL, MILK OF LIME, RIANNA + NINA, WILLIAM FAN, and SIA ARNIKA. The second edition of BERLIN CONTEMPORARY presented a total of 14 German designers and 4 Ukrainian brands during Berlin Fashion Week from the 10th to the 13th of July 2023. 


PODYH is a Ukrainian women’s clothing brand inspired by architecture, founded in 2020 by architect Daria Plaksiuk. The brand’s collections embody various architectural styles, emphasizing simplicity and elegance without unnecessary decoration. The founder’s experience in architecture demonstrates the brand’s unique approach to fashion, where each element of clothing composition is carefully selected and justified.


Coming from a family of four generations of tailors, Lilia Litkovska embodies her mission to preserve this profession and the crafts surrounding it. With her namesake brand, she unveils the way traditions can be integrated in a modern context and is committed to working in an ethical and sustainable way.


Fassbender is a Hamburg-based label that brings together the elegance of sophisticated tailoring, comfort, and functionality with an effortless unique style. Fassbender, as a sustainable luxury fashion brand, uses relentlessly research and innovation to take sustainability to an unseen level throughout the whole value chain, whilst never compromising style and affordability.


Jale Richert and Michele Beil challenge classic notions of beauty, gender roles and elegance. With RICHERT BEIL, they create inclusive collections which blur the lines of societal expectations of fashion and deconstruct stereotypical ideals and generalized or gendered aesthetics.


Milk of Lime is built on our human relationship to nature and collaborative craftsmanship. The brand is located in SouthWest Germany, close to its manufacturers and artisans. This tight network allows for a conscious production on a small scale and individual pieces. New garments and accessories take shape as a reflection of our surroundings and the resources that are available.


RIANNA + NINA is a luxury label that stands for extraordinary one-of-a-kind designs, love for treasure-hunted vintage fabrics, expert craftsmanship, colorful prints and a quality of detail that is beyond compare. Founded by two women, Rianna Kounou and Nina Knaudt, from a shared love of vintage, art, and collectors’ pieces, RIANNA + NINA brings never-before-seen designs to people who desire elegant, high-end, color-rich looks.


The Berlin-based label WILLIAM FAN established in 2015. The eponymous designer who grew up in Germany with Asian roots fuses European elements with Chinese influences and thus creates a harmonious union between these cultures. His biography is part of the holistic designs representing a timeless and progressive approach which does not rely on gender and age.


SIA ARNIKA is a fashion brand that delves into the realm of hybrid structures, infusing cultural references and unfolding narratives to create a distinct and alternative reality. Their designs are an exploration of current cultural developments and old tales, presented in a sustainable and thought-provoking manner.