Inspired by memories of his grandfather, and the clothing he wore throughout his life, Israeli designer, Or Yair Bitton offers a confident and intimate collection, exploring the ease of voluminous shapes and the sustainable idea of a shared wardrobe.

For the very first time, he decides to show his clothing on women as well, while staying true to his own philosophy and passion for functional garments.

Tailoring is the backbone of this collection, which celebrates the shoulder and innovativeproportions. Even though Bitton’s tailoring is on the sharp side -and always impeccably cut- it also has a slouchy quality that makes it modern and comfortable.

Highlights this season include a longer jacket with cropped wide sleeves, and a full-length sleeveless double-breasted coat, which features two front pockets. Following on from his previous inspiration last fall, which focused on home fabrics and furnishings, the designer explores the idea of a tailored robe to create unfussy pieces that combine structure with coziness.

Playing with military references -which again relate to the life of his grandfather- Bitton pursues his research around transformative garments that can turn into bags or accessories.

His transformable, sleeveless safari parka is one of the season’s standouts, worn with the distressed suede sandals he designed in collaboration with Israeli footwear brand Teva Naot. Using a unique UV treatment, which gives a lived-in patina to the leather, these sandals echo the gradual passage of time, and how we become attached to the things that are worn and familiar to us.

Earthy and desert tones, which the designer tends to favor, add a calm and peaceful aura to his garments. They are meant to be timeless, relaxed, and approachable. Cotton and wool are his go to materials this season, mixing English and Turkish fabrics with one of a kind dead stock find.

Sustainability remains an ongoing focus for the designer who celebrates the concept of shared pieces. That sense of generosity pervades the collection, and the beauty of HIGHLIGHT STUDIO is that it elevates the everyday to turn it into a style statement. Fresh proportions, attention to detail and special accessories give the collection its unique resonance, striking the right balance between utility and elegance.