Just as a second skin exists beneath the surface of a tree, a bark like fabric, there is a dialogue constantly takingshape between materials, between colours, between details. Enveloping and warm, monochrome silhouettes unfold in their winter tones.

She wears these interlacements, these knots found in nature. From lanyards to tresses, the clothes come alive, bobbing and flowing with the suppleness of locks of hair.

Sparkling reds, browns, yellows: so many fragments of winter light. Amaranth red, Falun red, fire red, copper brown, amourette brown, brass yellow and blond beige. Rose gold and moonstone.

Blanket coats and ribbed knits of wool and silk. Belted trench coats in billowing alpaca wool. Quilted jackets and hooded coats in smooth calfskin or wool and cashmere flannel, long duffel-style coats in double-sided cashmere, zip-up coats in shiny lambskin.

Incandescence and sensuality of jumper-skirt sets in bark-textured lamé knits, of pleated dresses in hammered metallic silk and of pleated wrap dresses in metallic jacquard or embroidered with metal tubes. Pants-suits of wrap-over Spencer jackets in wool and silk serge and Bermuda shorts for greater freedom.

So Médor bag and Birkin bag with its harness, Hermès Clou d’H earrings and necklace, satin riding cap. The line is drawn by walking.