Midst a blooming meadow, where spring’s vitality dances in the air, Hermès presents its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The scene is set: an impromptu picnic unfolds, filled with unhurried conversations, bird songs, and a gentle breeze that rustles the flowers and leaves. It’s a moment of freedom, where constraints fade away, and nature breathes alongside fashion.

The collection embodies lightness, freedom, openness, and strength. These garments protect without concealing, embracing your movements like a second skin. They contour the shoulders and sharpen the waist, revealing you without exposing too much, allowing daylight to caress your bare skin. Each piece resonates with your sensibilities, your desires, and your inclinations.

Fabrics and shades engage in joyful dialogues, creating unexpected pairings that challenge conventional codes. An equestrian pea coat tilts over a silk knit miniskirt, while a rouge H cashmere and silk coat drapes elegantly over a sporty bodysuit. A cotton canvas dress, adorned with the Sacre de l’été motif, showcases intricate craftsmanship.

The collection plays with contrasts, offering a blend of sophistication and boldness. An apron-style flowing jacket pairs effortlessly with washed silk twill trousers, and a wraparound skirt with trouser accents complements a short-sleeve bolero-style gilet in blue-black, reframing the traditional suit. An etoupe-grey trench coat, its sleeves unbuttoning into swaying flaps, embodies versatility.

Accessories like the iconic Birkin bag, Arçon bag, Panier d’été, and Pochette d’été bags, along with the Chaîne d’ancre Punk cuff bracelet, add the finishing touches, accentuating the collection’s essence of elegance and contemporary style.

In a gesture of circularity and respect for nature, all plants used for decor in the fashion show will be replanted, highlighting Hermès’ commitment to environmental sustainability.