Hermès presented a total of 62 looks, gathering inspiration from the desert, wrapped in 3D forms and powerful forces. Diving into the creative inspiration of the looks can make the audience have a glimpse of the Hermès universe.


It’s a rave in the desert. The sound that emanates from behind the hill the hill follows the movement of the dawn: she has never felt anything she has never felt anything so beautiful. It spreads in layers. It is enough to approach this magical mountain for the air to take on a power of an unprecedented power. It was not the only one to mutate: the colors which emanated from the landscape started to live, to move, to shimmer – cooked red, sulphurous yellow… – like liquefied.

She came here with the idea that this improvised bivouac this return to life in the middle of nature, would bring her a her a long-awaited plenitude. Also, she skilfully chose her pieces according to what she expects from this dance in the desert in the desert: sometimes yellow ochre clothes, sometimes ebony, beige sand, brown Thar. And then pink for the morning the morning, to retain the freshness before it escapes.

Each of these pieces seems to have been directly in a net, a hammock or a mosquito net. Among them, some remind us of the length of a flag the flutter of a flag. She has gathered pants, shorts and jackets almost cut out of the tent. All these cloths usually thought to protect us, she wanted to open them in different places. to open them in different places. With the help of ropes to tie, she can make them interact with the outside world, the living. At the height of the night, carried in a dress in 3D print that splits her movements and the lines of her body of her body, she finally wears this troubling inner journey journey begun in the joy. A bivouac, a dance and everywhere this sensation of immensity. The same one that a philosopher who did not refuse the magic had once designated as the Californian enchantment…

A rave in the desert. The sound radiating from behind the hill follows the drift of the dawn: she’s never felt anything so beautiful. It spreads in layers. It’s enough to draw close to this magic mountain for the air to be suffused with a singular power. This wasn’t the only transformation: the colors emanating from the landscape came alive and began to move, to shimmer – sunbaked red, sulfur yellow – as though liquefied.

She came here in the hopes that this impromptu encampment, this return to a life in the heart of nature, would bring her a long-desired plenitude. So she cleverly chose her clothes to suit what she expected from this desert dance: garments by turns yellow ochre, ebony, sandy beige, brown. And dawn pink for the morning, to hold the coolness before it escaped.

Each of these pieces seems to have been cut straight out of a net, a hammock, a mosquito screen. Some of them recall, over their entire length, the fluttering of a flag. She gathered pants, shorts, and jackets practically cut from the tent itself. All these weaves ordinarily designed to protect us, she wanted to open them up in different places. With some knotting ropes, she can put them in dialogue with the outside world, with the living. As the night reaches its climax, wrapped in a 3D-printed dress that couples her movements to the lines of her body, she carries at last, on her person, this stirring inner journey that began in joy. A bivouac, a dance, and everywhere this feeling of immensity