24 January

Hermès presents their new men's AW21 collection


A collection that encourages us to renew the movement of the world. Inside-outside, the clothes leave their framework, offering a palette of games of lines and colours: a source of energy. They bridge different worlds: from the inside to the outside and vice-versa.



Hybrid and practical, the garments are both casual and elegant. Voluptuous or compact materials run headlong into each other in audacious associations that blur the line between formal and informal. Graphic signatures, distorted pockets, playfully asymmetrical. Borrowed from saddlery, the piqûres étrivière orpiqûres lantes are discreetly visible. Graphic lines and geometrical variations design optimistic illusions of movement. An invitation to stroll; energy of journeys. One wants comfort. The quest for suppleness and relaxation is expressed by reduced dimensions and pants with drawstring waists. The colours — cumin, glycin, frost blue — are here playfully blended with tones of liquorice, pepper and petroleum blue.