After catching the scent of the drifting seawater in Eau des Merveilles Bleue, Christine Nagel went looking for the shadow of the Miracles. She has designed something rich in contrast, between light and dark: a tantalizingly light touch of incense emphasizes the hesperidé notes of Eau des Merveilles, the dark-colored tonka bean enhances the perfume, while a pinch of black tea fringes the wood and reveals new bright spots. Lembre des Merveilles changes every moment into something special, the wearer is enveloped in a voile of soft, soft cashmere on which mysterious incense curls emerge. A truly magical texture that looms at the edge of the day. A fragrance that makes you swoon and whose shadow emphasizes the deep shine of the world. For the temptresses who are in charge of the day and night. The semicircular tilting acon "culbuto" designed by Serge Mansau has two flat undersides. It is a star-studded loupe that reveals the poetry of the world. The "clou de selle" seal of the House Hermès is engraved on the cap.