A Race In The Garden an installation by Studio Mieke Meijer on P. C. Hoofstraat, Amsterdam

From February through April, the first chapter of Hermès’ 2024 theme “Spirit of the Faubourg” is brought to life by Studio Mieke Meijer’s new window installation which celebrates the Maison’s first store on 24, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré.

Permeated with Émile Hermès’ visionary dreams, the Faubourg – at the time housing both workshops and the family residence – was redefined at the end of the 20th-century’s first quarter. The Faubourg embodies the quintessential origin, the stage within the stage, the very heart of Hermès’ perpetual artistic freedom.

A hidden rooftop garden filled with thriving flowers. Constructed entirely from paper, the installation recreate the Faubourg rooftop in three unique windows. The installation threads together stories of the extraordinarily moving power of Émile Hermès’ imagination into a single stage: visitors will travel through the playful spirit of the Faubourg dazzling into its idiosyncratic heritage.

Imbued with the apparent oxymoron “absence of presence”, Studio Mieke Meijer’s vision stems from the most ingenious disclosures of karakuri automated mechanisms, which originated in 17th-century Japan: the architectural simplicity of the Bolide Skate bag morphs into a watering can, meanwhile a silk carré Course Cinétique gallops, unnerved, like a champion.

Founded by Mieke Meijer and Roy Letterlé, the design studio travels across fields of practice within the realms of architecture and design, eschewing the traditional. Shining onto the tranquil streets, this vivid dreamscape will be on display from February through April 2024.