For the SS24 Studio collection, literal card boxes with a twist of actual boxing and the aesthetic universe around the sport became the inspiration for Henrik Vibskov and the team.

Drawn in by the idea of the box as a vessel that inhabits and protects precious items for a limited amount of time as it floats through endless lines of moving boxes just like it, the team explored the significant features of the box as well as the idea of carefully packing goods, the fateful uncertainty of sending a package and the curious excitement of receiving it. From there, the team quickly found themselves thinking about all the other types of boxes around us. The human mind loves putting things in boxes, an unconscious reflex to sort and process our surroundings. The theme, therefore, quickly began focusing on the “unboxing” of the physical as well as the symbolic boxes we inhabit, contextualized in an actual boxing ring with the imagery and iconic features of the sport.

The collection reflects the theme in various ways; dresses and shirts inspired by unexpected deliveries with the front in the back that can be worn in both ways, details in garments playing with the shape of the handles and bubble wrap inspired textiles that stand contrast to rather straight lined boxy styles. Woven textiles toys with the idea of being “In transit” and “Out for delivery” and prints feature flat unfolded boxes, dynamic collages of boxing rings and boxing glove flowers – trying to knock out all ideas of standards – in a peaceful way, of course. One textile even features the delivery bird as a peace dove.

This season, we teamed up with jewelry designer, Vibe Harsløf, to create silver showpieces and accessories. The all-handmade pieces feature silver birds and band aids as pendant earrings, necklaces, and nose pieces as well as the headpieces with cartoonish birds circling the knocked out head.

All fabric has been changed and elevated within their means to be recycled or organic. For SS24 Studio collection, 83% of our garments consist of certified fabrics, and Henrik Vibskov strives to increase this number for the coming seasons. Certifications include GOTS Organic, GOTS Made with Organic, GRS Global Recycled Standard and nontoxic dyes and prints.

The installation takes you into the Vibskov boxing arena, where the ring is soft, fringed and alive. We are led by our Ring Announcer, who will introduce to you our fighters as they each take the stage within constantly changing boxing rings, dancing the Unboxing Waltz around them.

Published by Asia Lanzi

Thank You 

HV Design Team – HV, Judith Klingenfeld, Andreas Hermann Bloch, Zuzana Radicova, Baptiste Comte 

Management, Logistics, Accounting – Elvira von Wieding, 

Anja Gordon 

Development & Production – Anna de La Cour & Erika Nylund 

HV Installation Team – Baptiste Comte & Elvira von Wieding 

Sales Team – VALD Agency & DUNE Japan 

The SVIPSIES – Lin Zheng, Didi, Stijn, Signe, Sara and Viola 

Press Team – SPALT PR 

Lookbook photography – Jannick Boerlum @jannickboerlum 

Backstage photos – Alex Dobé @alextrescool 

Casting – @shb.casting by Sébastien Hernandez-Bertrand @sebastien.hb 

Assisted by Vik Yukhyhenko @vik.yukhymenko 

HV Boutiques – Dorthe and other sweethearts in Copenhagen 

Moto and the Svipsies in NYC 

Production – Charly @ White Is White Productions 

Makeup – Vilde Feste using MAC Cosmetics Nordics 

@maccosmeticsnordics @vildefeste 

Hair – Amalie Holmqvist using Monpure London 

@monpurelondon @amalie.holmqvist #monpure #monpurelondon 

Jewelry – VIBSKOV x Vibe Harslöf @vibeharsloef 

Music by – Music For Dreams @musicfordreams and @reinhardvanbergen 

Ring Announcer / MC – Jahmarl Crick aka @KyleLondonnn 

DJ – Thomas Mondémé