Rapid 2-step dancer Héctor Oaks burned down his drum machines, sequencers, and synthesizers again, bleeding out positive confusion for the controlled, lost, and found, supplying his biggest project up to date: his second album “Fuego Universal”. 

For half of his life the producer and vinyl-only DJ wanders around planet techno. From his early steps in the underground scene of his hometown Madrid to long record store days and endless club nights in his adopted home Berlin: Héctor Oaks studied his trade deep, feverishly investigating each little underground corner of the techno culture – contemporary, old, new, and sold. He sharpened his first-class DJ skills in numerous twitchy nights behind the record players, performing at big and small festivals, in renowned and not kwon clubs, and parties all around the globe, establishing himself as one of Europe’s most wanted techno weapons. 

As a producer he has dropped boiling 12inches since 2012. When he launched his first label OAKS in 2016, he increased the number of vinyl releases, while a little later also creating a platform for new emerging artists from his peer group through his second label KAOS. Now the confused imprint gives birth to “Fuego Universal”, a heartfelt heated salutation for the night, the sensations of the party crowd, and techno in all its many shades. Two years in the making between Berlin, Los Angeles, and Madrid, it features a gang of vocal collaborators, that hum, rap, and sing on techno rhythms of excessive variety. Latin funkiness inflames high BPM zones, rap, trap, and ghetto tech particles spread Loff, dark wave zones propel into heavy techno anarchy, and shades of Detroit illuminate in pop melodies, while the BPMs trance up in blaze again. A universal explosive, peppered with English and Spanish vocals by Azidkandy or Ill Pekeño & Ergo Pro from Madrid, Munich’s singer/songwriter Sacel, co- conspiring techno trooper Patrick Mason, and Spanish Model, DJ, and designer Sitta, singing, speaking, and rapping with a deep edgy pop spirit about the night, the humanoid fire, the KAOS of the world, and the safe spaces techno provides. All lyrics are inspired by Héctor’s tricky, double-layered, straight forward bangers, that are made for everyone: the techno head and office clerk, bonding all lovers of electronic dance music under one red-hot roof. Pushing the boundaries of techno into the subcultural territories of pop, rap, and Latin circles. The cover artwork comes from noted Spanish street artist Okuda, whose work is likewise attracted by the KAOS, aiming to raise paradoxes about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, society, and capitalism. 

The album is coming out on September 29th.

After first live performances at Sonar Barcelona and Lisbon, Héctor Oaks will bring “Fuego Universal” soon to selected stages around the world, pushing the techno frontiers together with rappers Ill Pekeño. & Ergo Pro, singer Sacel, and voguing chanter Patrick Mason, creating stimulating KAOS and heavy party oomph. Concrete jungle, stones, and tears: Héctor Oaks burns global for the local. Fuego Universal for a rave total! 

On top of announcing his album launch soon, Héctor Oaks just release his latest single “Loff Is All You Speed,” a groundbreaking single that draws inspiration from two influential sources: the retro sounds of “la ruta del Bacalao,” a Spanish cultural movement that occurred in Valencia from the 1980s until the mid-1990s, where clubs would open for days and DJs would passionately curate a mix of synth-pop, EBM, electro, and techno music, and the pulsating energy of Berlin techno, reinvented with the use of elements of contemporary styles. Steering towards an exciting future, the track’s pulsating beats and bilingual lyrics encapsulate a spectrum of emotions. 

Accompanying the release is a visually captivating music video, written and styled by SITA herself. Set in a mesmerizing mansion, the video takes viewers on a dreamlike journey, providing a glimpse into SITA’s artistic vision and enhancing the overall sensory experience of the single.