Cuban rum brand Havana Club has joined forces with French label Pigalle Paris, best known for its colorful streetwear collections and iconic, brightly colored basketball courts. Together they release a limited-edition capsule collection. This consists of a unisex clothing collection and a bottle of Havana Club 7 with special label designed by Stéphane Ashpool, founder and creative director of Pigalle Paris.

When Stéphane Ashpool first visited Cuba, he says he immediately fell in love with the Island. This gave him the idea to create a collection in collaboration with a local brand as a tribute to the beauty of the island. Stéphane ended up at Havana Club, a much-loved Cuban brand that also fits perfectly with Pigalle's vision. Both brands share core values ​​such as community involvement, diversity and inclusivity.

Inspiration: the colors of Cuba.

Ashpool took inspiration for the collection from the streets of Havana, which fascinated him from the very first moment with the colours, the vibrant energy and the music. The warm pastel colors of the sun-stained houses can be seen throughout the island in architecture and design. Every color he used for this collection reflects a piece of Cuba's unique history: from the eclectic architecture and the vintage cars to the colorful skies at sunset.

Limited edition capsule collection:

Ashpool incorporated these iconic Havana colors into the bottle's label, which he also designed himself. This label with handwritten message formed the basis for the capsule collection, consisting of a leather jacket, a box logo T-shirt, a tracksuit and a cap. Stéphane also incorporated the same faded tones in the tie-dye print on the T-Shirts and tracksuits. The tracksuit, like the leather jacket, has a '7' on the back. This is a direct reference to both the '7' on the Havana Club 7 bottle and to the sportstyle culture that the designer has been inspired by for many years. With this unique limited edition, Ashpool manages to bring the streets of Havana and Paris together in its own way.

Both the creatively designed Havana Club 7 bottle and the capsule collection are available in limited edition. The bottle of Havana Club 7 costs €39.95 and is exclusively available via The unisex collection is exclusively for sale at Four Amsterdam from last week. Prices range from €50 for the T-Shirt to €90 for the hoodie. The leather jacket, which will be available worldwide in a limited edition, costs €1,000.