Sakura (or cherry blossoms) is known as one of the iconic flowers to mark the beginning of spring in many countries, especially in many Asian regions  like China, Japan and Taiwan. Sakura captivates and attracts local and international audiences to catch a glimpse of  its beauty within the short blooming period. Havaianas launches the Sakura special collection to celebrate the joy of spring.

In light of the pandemic and international travel restriction, Havaianas hopes to bring the sakura season with this beautiful collection printed with lovely flower petals to wherever you are, before everyone could travel once again to enjoy the full blooms of sakura trees. The slim styles are available in two colorways (ballet rose and ballet sky) using the transfer offset technique, adorned with a metallic pop up logo on blush gold straps. The sandals are 100% made in Brazil. To complete  the look, this collection also has an iconic street bag, semi-transparent made of silicon with digital printedadjustable straps. 

To celebrate the launch of this collection, Havaianas  collaborates with Tokyo’s fashion icon, AMIAYA. The fashion influencer twins AMI and AYA (or together known as Amiaya) are taking over the world with their unique style and fashion styling. The duo started off with street snaps at Harajuku, and it’s hard to miss their signature hot pink bobs and matching eccentric styles. Havaianas collaborated with the twins for Tradi Zori’s launch in 2020.Ami (@amixxamiaya) and Aya (@ayaxxamiaya) have a total of 558k Instagram followers

Inspired by the Japanese traditional footwear for Kimono – ‘Zori’, AMIAYA brings the sandals into modern city life and the streets of urban Tokyo. The shooting took place in ASAKUSA by photographer Kisshomaru Shimamura, who is up and rising in the industry.

To bring you the most authentic hanami (Japan’s traditional custom to enjoy the transient beauty of sakura flower) experience, Havaianas offers an Instagram filter with augmented reality (AR) technology to provide an immersive experience to online users