Launched in the Netherlands via March 2nd.  With the aim to disrupt the category, as the brand that does shaving differently.  Launching with a range of shaving products, face, and accessories. Will be available online to buy over, with prices starting from 6.00€ RRP

 Harry’s was founded to deliver an exceptional grooming experience at a fair price, and they’re expanding to Europe to further that mission and reach as many guys as possible. They always had a vision of bringing Harry’s to guys across the world.

The idea was born out of a bad experience that Andy (Katz-Mayfield, co-founder of Harry’s) had when he was in a store trying to buy razors. After waiting for over 10 minutes for someone to unlock the security case, and spending over $20, it was at that moment he called Jeff (Raider, co-founder) with the idea to start a new shaving brand!  Recognised an opportunity to build a brand that was very different from the leading players: a brand that’s more relatable, more thoughtful, and more real than the outdated and disconnected men’s brands on the market. A brand that would appeal to every man. So they did just that – gathering insights, creating a brand, designing a product, sourcing supply and launched online on DTC in 2013, with a clean and simple web experience that I and many others looked at admiringly back then.

Their success in the US and the speed they’ve managed to penetrate the UK market in particular (across DTC and now retail) has given them confidence that guys in Europe will benefit from access to their products. That’s why they’re launching Harry’s online in NL (as well as in Germany, France and Belgium, too). The Netherlands (and the other EU markets they're launching in) have a large wet shave market and a mature shave category which offers them a great opportunity to continue their strategy of disruption. Through their research, they have learned that the DTC model is adopted quickly.

Visit their Dutch website here: