The company, made in Monza, has transformed itself over the decades becoming the benchmark of mountain outerwear and city lifestyle. One hundred years passed all to be told and as many ahead all to be written.

Celebrating a remarkable 100-year journey, Colmar, born in Monza, stands as a testament to Italian excellence in fashion. Founded in 1923 by Mario and Irma Colombo, Colmar began as a small hat company. Over the decades, it transformed into a powerhouse of mountain outerwear and urban style.

The brand’s history is woven with stories of intuition, hard work, and a deep connection with athletes. In the 1950s, Colmar ventured into the world of skiing, collaborating with champions like Zeno Colò, innovating aerodynamic garments. The iconic “Ceffa,” the Giant’s jacket, became a symbol of the Blue Avalanche, marking a golden era for Italian skiing.

In the 2000s, Colmar expanded its reach, not only in technical apparel but also in lifestyle fashion. The launch of the Originals line brought back iconic designs, while collaborations with renowned artists and designers added a touch of avant-garde.

The brand’s evolution didn’t stop at fashion; sustainability became a cornerstone. Colmar embraced eco-friendly materials like Teflon Eco-Elite and Thermosoft wadding, ensuring both quality and ethical production.

As Colmar welcomes its fourth generation, the brand’s commitment to design, innovation, and sustainability continues. From its humble beginnings to a global fashion powerhouse, Colmar’s legacy lives on, blending heritage with cutting-edge style.