With a distinct universe and uncompromising creativity Han Kjøbenhavn has created its own path. Now, the brand wants to disrupt the established ownership structure in the fashion industry. 

Since the establishment of Han Kjøbenhavn in 2008, the Danish fashion house, Han Kjøbenhavn, has built a brand that has steadily grown in sales and international recognition. Uncompromising creativity is a core value of the brand and is fundamental in the design DNA. 

“We have always been passionate about creating our own path in terms of creativity and design. We want to create our own direction. The same goes for building the structure of our brand. We want to build it differently and do it with our community and audience – that is why we are democratizing the ownership of Han Kjøbenhavn”, says co-owner & CEO, Daniel Søndergaard Hummel. 

Therefore, the founders have chosen to buy out the corporate investors to be able to share the brand with likeminded people. The conventional way and behavior of the industry, where ownership is for the wealthy few with own gain and corporate interests in focus is not the future of Han Kjøbenhavn. 

“Ownership of Han Kjøbenhavn should not only be for the wealthy few. We want to share it with our audience – people that are passionate about what we create and the stories we tell. That’s the people we want to share and build with.” Says Founder and Creative Director, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen. 

We have been working towards democratizing ownership for a long time. We are excited to share ownership of Han Kjøbenhavn with individuals who share our commitment. Brands should not be built with the few, but with the many. By inviting not just a few but many passionate ambassadors, we want to shape the future of Han Kjøbenhavn, and inspire others to see this as an opportunity of development. 

We have a creative obligation and a relentless desire to keep designing unique products – and that is why we have bought out our corporate investors, to stay true to our beliefs and control our own future. A future where we share our company with our audience by giving access to the most sacred thing for founders; Ownership of Han Kjøbenhavn.

The official sale of co-ownership will start on May 31st and will be open for 48 hours only. There is a limited number of shares available, they will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Each ownership package costs EURO 570 and contains fifty (50) B-shares and includes various ownership benefits.