After an illustrious 35-year career in architectural photography, it has become an intriguing endeavor for this artist to venture into the realm of creating artworks using live models as their canvas. With an ingenious interplay of projectors, optical illusions are skillfully projected onto the mesmerizing contours of naked bodies. These captivating scenes are then immortalized on brushed aluminum plates using a meticulously crafted process. In stark contrast to conventional photographs, these prints defy the passage of time, ensuring their longevity for generations to come.

Radiating an unmistakable seventies aesthetic, this artist also boasts a passion for collecting art themselves. The allure of Victor Vasarely and M.C. Escher has always captivated their imagination. A transformative visit to the Vasarely Foundation in Aix-en-Provence fueled their deep exploration into Vasarely’s masterpieces. A profound question emerged: How did a doctor find their path in the art world while Vasarely wove intricate patterns and crafted astonishing works of art?

Fate intervened during a serendipitous encounter at a book market, where vintage Vasarely books from the seventies were discovered. These precious volumes contained detachable pages on translucent cellophane, granting readers the power to construct their own mesmerizing patterns. Drawing inspiration from this tactile experience, the artist’s interior spaces came alive with an array of rounded forms, adorned with space-age lamps and exquisite design pieces. The burning desire to interweave Vasarely’s optical artistry with the human form became an alluring prospect.

However, the demands of a thriving career as an architectural photographer kept this artistic pursuit at bay. The unforeseen upheaval caused by the COVID pandemic, with its shattered travel plans and prolonged periods of inactivity, finally provided the opportunity to embark on this profound artistic journey. Two carefully chosen models, their bodies a blank canvas, became the vessels for the projection of awe-inspiring optical illusions brought to life by powerful projectors. A glance at the overview photographs reveals the models gracefully contorting their bodies into intricate poses, demonstrating the inherent complexity of the artistic process. Seeking to capture the perfect synergy between art and physicality, muscular figures dedicated to fitness and strength training were thoughtfully selected.

The initial exploration involved printing a selection of photographs in classic black and white. However, a yearning for depth and dimensionality in the artwork soon surfaced. A fortuitous encounter with a dear friend, possessing a profound understanding of the artist’s vision, led to the breakthrough. The black and white images were meticulously imprinted onto brushed aluminum, transcending the confines of the two-dimensional realm. The aluminum medium breathed a newfound vitality into the optical illusions, skillfully enhancing the interplay of light and metal.

As one gracefully meanders past these captivating pieces, the mirrored segments of the print subtly reflect the enchanting surroundings, seamlessly melding with the ethereal white elements of the artwork. The beauty of this transformative experience lies in the ever-changing narrative that unfolds when the artwork is thoughtfully relocated. Akin to a captivating dance between viewer and creation, the reflective aspect of the print reveals a captivating interplay of perspectives. When hung before a window, each passerby is treated to a unique and dynamic spectacle, influenced by their particular vantage point.

Through the delicate manipulation of light and metal, the artist successfully transcends the boundaries of traditional two-dimensional works, breathing life into a captivating third dimension. The positioning and perspective of the viewer continuously shape the depth and impression of the artwork, bestowing upon it an ever-evolving nature that tantalizes the senses and sparks boundless intrigue.

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