For this holiday season, Gucci envisions a special night of the year, set in the ‘90s, when the workplace became an unlikely mixture of dance floor, nightclub and bar.

Channeling the retro vibe of those years’ office parties, the new Gucci Gift Giving campaign, conceived by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, shot by photographer Mark Peckmezian and filmed by director Akinola Davies Jr, portrays a cast of characters impatiently running down the clock to the end of the working day, aimlessly tapping on their keyboards and clock-watching. The date has been in the calendar for months, and there is a palpable frisson of excitement running through the grey and dull landscape of desks, photocopiers and metal filing cabinets. The seasonal decorations have been hastily put up: the tinsel, streamers and balloons are all in their places for this artificial festive setting.

As the clock strikes five, tables are turned and the corporate order of the place is shattered by ‘80s pop music and the popping of corks. Like superheroes transformed by their outfits, the Gucci-clad workers become extrovert clubbers, eager to show off their dance moves on the carpeted dancefloor. Liberated by their outfits and the sounds coming from the tape deck, the co-workers reveal their innermost characters as in a theatrical play where roles are changed and identities shuffled, transforming the normally homogenised surroundings into an exciting fantasy world.

The Gucci Gift Giving Collection offers therefore the key to access this enchanted party, bringing comfort and sparkle in the corporate land. The products were in fact shaped following two distinct families: the first batch is inspired by the cosy warmth of a winter blanket and makes use of a woolly jacquard fabric with houndstooth checks in green and red, while the second celebrates the party spirit with shiny sequins sparkling in a variety of colours from gold and silver to pastels and black.

The GG Marmont 2.0 medium and small chain shoulder bags are given the woolly jacquard treatment, as are small leather goods and luggage pieces, like the East/West Tote and medium backpack. There is also a vintage spirit at play here, as the same fabric is used on the shoes: women’s merino wool lined booties and a new genderless mule, as well as the Gucci Tennis 1977 sneaker in several styles. Other iconic accessories include a baseball cap, bucket hat, earmuffs, socks, a scarf and a poncho.

The same handbags in mini and small chain shoulder models are also offered covered with sparkling sequins, in black, silver, gold and pastel pink and green, and in a striped multicolour version. The effect is achieved by sewing three-millimetre micro sequins onto a silk panel, creating a fabric that shimmers and shines. A mini bucket bag comes in the same material and colours as the GG Marmont designs (including the stripe), and the sequins have also been applied to shoes in the form of women’s slides and loafers, as well as to the Gucci Tennis 1977 sneakers  . For those who wish to match their footwear to their bags, there are also glistening sequin-covered heels. Soft accessories complete the sequin offer: a hairband, beret and gloves in a variety of colours.

A new Gucci Arcade game inspired by the campaign will be released in the Gucci App. Taking the lead from the legendary Conga Master arcade game developed by Undercoders, the latest Gucci digital creation sees players take control of an employee inside an office setting, with the aim of joining up with colleagues to take part in a Conga dance. Bringing the party to multiple platforms, users will also be able to immerse themselves in the Gucci holiday season atmosphere enjoying a 3D experience that recreates the campaign environment. Through these innovative digital contents, Gucci keeps pushing the codes of the House in unexplored virtual territories – tightening the bond between the GG logo and the “Good Game” high five in gaming vernacular. Visiting the microsite created for the occasion, players will discover the Gucci Gift Giving collection while navigating into an interactive and joyful office, being able to purchase their favorite items on through this fully digital path. 

The campaign also marks, on November 11th, the launch of the new Gucci packaging that features an ornate green decorative pattern embossed onto paper bags and cardboard boxes. Beige tissue paper featuring the same pattern is used to wrap pieces. Natural-coloured dust bags and suit carriers are also utilised, and throughout the packaging the Gucci logo is rendered in black. Significantly, in keeping with Gucci’s commitment to sustainability, the packaging has been created with strategic design choices at every step to have a reduced impact on the environment. All paper and cardboard come from sustainably managed forest sourceand an uncoated paper has been used to ensure it is fully recyclable. The paper is also colored a unique green at the beginning of the production process to reduce the use of inks. The shopping bag handles are black torchon made of 100% recycled polyester and knotted to avoid using glues. Garment and dust bags materials are a mix of regenerated cotton and recycled polyester. Black grosgrain ribbons are 100% organic cotton. Hangers are made of recycled polystyrene.


Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

Art Director: Christopher Simmonds

Photographer: Mark Peckmezian

Film Director: Akinola Davies Jr