Gucci launches ‘A Gloaming Night’, the brand’s new edition to it’s ‘Alchemist Garden’ fine fragrance collection. Featuring notes of Cinnamon, Vetiver and Patchouli, the exhilarating fragrance is an ode to the magical feeling at the moment of dusk.

“A Gloaming Night eau de parfum enters The Alchemist’s Garden collection. A feeling captured within a bottle, the fragrance is an homage to the fleeting moment between the dusk and evening. Inspired by the colors of spectacular sunsets, the notes of A Gloaming Night work together, wrapping around one other to produce a unique aroma—just as the stripes of pink, purple, peach and red make way for darker shades along the horizon. Blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, under Alessandro Michele's creative direction, the customizable pieces are made up of eaux de parfum, perfumed oils and acque profumate (meaning "scented waters"). The collection is inspired by the art of alchemy and fragrance-making, formulated to be layered and blended to create a unique, personalized fragrance combination. Built around a hero ingredient linked to the distinctive codes of the House, each scent can be magnified, muted or fused with other fragrances from the line to create a one-of-a-kind sillage.

The warmth and elegance of the scent is dictated by Cinnamon, which wraps its spiciness soothingly around the enveloping woody Vetiver. Deep and dry, Patchouli strengthens the intensity, layering together in harmony like the colors of a sunset as they glow with the final warmth of the day before descending into darkness. 

Just as no two sunsets are the same from wherever you see them in the world, A Gloaming Night works alone or together with some of the collection’s oils and perfumed waters for a truly personalized finish like no other. A true collector’s item, A Gloaming Night is an enriching scent, providing a new and exquisite element of warmth that works together with layers of scent from the Alchemist’s Garden collection. Inspired by the bottles found on the wooden shelves of a vintage apothecary, curious pharmacy jars and the first perfumery containers, the fragrance comes in a transparent ruby red glass inspired by the glowing red of the late sunset. Part of The Alchemist's Garden line, this item comes in a special moiré pouch.”

Gucci’s “A Gloaming Night” is available exclusively at de Bijenkorf, boutiques, and