Grammy-nominated Cosmic Gate announce virtual concert series.

Thanks for talking to us guys – please tell us how you’ve been spending Quarantine time!

ThankYOU! We have been based in Miami and New York, Nic has been in NYC with his girlfriend cooking a lot and I have been in Miami trying to enjoy the sunshine; I’ve also taken up biking for endurance training which is also a great way to keep my mind stimulated and my mental health positive. It’s not been easy throughout this period, for anyone I think, but we also hosted livestreams from our cities respectively, first pool-side at an apartment complex in Miami so people could enjoy this from their balconies and adhere to all the necessary guidelines, over to Nic playing some big hits from the stunning New York skyline – you can catch both on our Youtube Channel and we hope wherever you are, these bring some joy and party spirits to your home to enjoy!

Were you still able to create while being quarantined? Did keeping creating keep you guys sane, or even planning for the future at a time like now?

We are always creating, from finalizing our Andrew Bayer collab ‘The Launch’ on Anjuna Beats, over to creating and excecuting our ‘Cosmic Gate In Concert’ virtual series that we’re streaming to fans on October 3rdand October 17th; if you can’t make it to a Cosmic Gate show, we’re gonna make it come to you! 

Tell us about the two-part ‘Cosmic Gate In Concert Series’ you guys have also recently announced, happening this October! You’ve taken the party online and global, it seems!

For sure! We spent our time with our team,working on a new livestreaming concept. We teamed up with the venue The Temple House Miami, famed for it’s 360 degree visual mapping and visual artform, who customized some stunning visuals for every track of our sets and got Buster Digital Media on board for production, filming and editing. The final product makes us really proud, we recorded two sets – first one called “Your Mind” including our latest releases, new music and what is hot in our record box. Second set – “The Classics” set featuring our most cherished tracks of 20 Years of Cosmic Gate and some those tunes from back in the days we love the most. Being able to plan this and do something special for our fans to connect in a unique way really kept us motivated during these challenging times so we hope you guys can join us, too!

How do you think Covid-19 will affect the music industry both long-term and short-term? How do you see the impact of Corona crisis on the general perception of music? 

I think it won’t be the same for a good while now, at least until a vaccine or medicine is found. Many people within the industry are projecting that there will be no live events (at least to the level they were pre-Corona) until at least 2022 – but luckily there are some great promoters and organisers around the world who are revolutionizing the way shows are hosted, with distancing, taking parties to daytime locations where only support bubbles or households can mix, keeping things safe for everyone involved. It’s great to see how quickly people, fans, artists, everyone, has adapted – but things are not the same. I really hope we can see the support and positivity needed for everyone over the next few months. 

And looking back to your career – you guys have won many accolades personally, such as a Grammy-nomination!- as well as collaborating with huge artists and standing the test of time. Can you pick a favourite career moment?

Yeah, the Grammy-nomination for our remix of Gabriel & Dresden’s ‘Only Road’ was a real pinch-me moment, something we will cherish forever! I think for us, the thing we are most proud of is standing the test of time in our own right, finding fans that have stayed with us throughout the years of evolving genres and sounds – trance fans are super loyal and are a family-style community – makes it all worthwhile to share in that passion. 

What have your other projects been throughout this crazy year? How have you been keeping people grooving? 

We’ve still been working hard on releases and remixes, as always! We recently had the chance to rework Joe Smooth’s seminal hit ‘Promised Land’ with a deeper, melodic feel that still tips into trance, some nice repetition and bringing in a fresh take on the classic with a Cosmic Gate touch! We’ve been getting some really great feedback from fans and DJs so it’s great to bring some party vibes to the people! As well as this, we also just released our long-awaited collaboration with Andrew Beyer on Anjuna Beats with ‘The Launch’! Lot’s more new music coming very soon and to stay up to date make sure you follow us on our social media – thanks guys!

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Timotej Letonja