The Fall Winter 2023/2024 Collection was inspired by the overwhelming and existential works of Expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. It is indeed emotion, like the intense one of the Expressionists’ total questioning of modern life, that dictated the creation in the collection of pieces that are poetic and conceptual, but at the same time with a light and irreverent approach, following the path from darkness to light.

If the adoption of intense colors and primitivist elements served Kirchner to externalize the drama of the images, the transposition here in the collection is the mocking and elegantly gothic atmosphere, cool and fascinating. An outsider’s uniqueness that becomes a style icon.

Black is the star color of the season, along with decisive volumes and angular, geometrically absurd heels. Yet, disruptive, eye catching greens and oranges also find their place in this collection, with the light reflections created by patent leather.

Energetic brushstrokes of color dress up round shapes of maxi volume and spool heels, extra thin blade heels paired with tapered toes, geometric toes with Cuban heels, and heeled and platform bottoms with a ton sur ton rubberized finish. Brushstrokes that awaken interest, communicating emotions and the desire to exhibit one’s individuality and personality.