Scholl, renowned as the originator of the wooden clog, has joined forces with Berlin-based luxury brand GmbH for their first-ever collaboration. After offering a preview of the innovative footwear during GmbH’s runway show in Paris last October, the collection is now set to hit select stores for the upcoming summer season.

GmbH’s collection, titled ‘Ghazal,’ paid homage to South Asian beauty and culture, as the brand delves into its own heritage. The collaborative product showcases a reinterpreted version of Scholl’s universe, resulting in the creation of the Ghazal Pescura. The term “ghazal” symbolizes a poetic expression that beautifully captures both love’s beauty and pain, often accompanied by soul-stirring music.

The Ghazal Pescura boasts a unisex design, meticulously handcrafted in Italy, promising a journey of comfort and innovative aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from one of Scholl’s most iconic styles from the ’70s, the shoe incorporates a massage footbed atop its classic wooden sole. This distinctive feature, known for its relieving and soothing effect on feet, has been thoughtfully retained by the Berlin designers and skillfully paired with a chunky and cushioned upper for added contemporary flair.

In line with both GmbH and Scholl’s commitment to sustainability, the shoe’s upper is made from recycled synthetic leather and technical knitted mesh, further elevating the collection’s eco-conscious appeal. Colors span a captivating range from moss green to bordeaux red to silver, reflecting the brand’s dedication to diverse and stylish choices.

The GmbH x Scholl collaboration seamlessly merges the contemporary aesthetics of Berlin with the heritage and craftsmanship of Scholl, producing a unique and forward-thinking footwear collection that exemplifies both brands’ vision for the future. As the Ghazal Pescura prepares to make its debut in select stores, fashion enthusiasts and comfort seekers alike can look forward to embracing this extraordinary fusion of style and tradition.