by Nadia ten Hove

In an exhilarating move, has extended its shipping services to over 180 countries worldwide, spanning continents and cultures. This momentous expansion includes countries like Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, and India, among many others.

Since its inception in 2014, Glossier has garnered a fervent global following, and the call for international shipping has consistently resonated within this passionate community. Over the past years, Glossier has diligently worked towards making its products accessible to beauty enthusiasts around the world. This recent announcement stands as a significant milestone in their ongoing journey.

This worldwide reach signifies more than just a logistical achievement for Glossier—it signifies a deepening connection with each member of its international community. These are individuals who have not just supported the brand but have engaged with it online and walked through its flagship stores, becoming an integral part of Glossier’s vibrant story.

Kyle Leahy, the Chief Executive Officer at Glossier, expressed the brand’s excitement, stating, “We’re excited to announce that Glossier is now shipping to over 180 countries globally, building on our thoughtful expansion efforts over the past several years. We’re grateful for the enthusiasm from our global community, who have continuously expressed their desire for Glossier to have a more global footprint. This is a significant step for us—a first step. We are eager for the opportunities that lie ahead as we engage with and learn from our international community. We are just getting started.”

For those new to the Glossier universe, the brand emerged in 2014, introducing a line of “modern essentials” crafted for intuitive use and personal choice in beauty. What sets Glossier apart is its commitment to democratic beauty—an ethos that states there are no wrong answers in self-expression. The brand champions the idea that every individual is their own beauty expert, emphasizing skincare before makeup.

Glossier’s products are directly inspired by its diverse community, evolving through continuous conversations. These conversations have unfolded across various platforms, from the early days of the beauty blog Into the Gloss to the brand’s vibrant social media channels and beyond.

Nearly half of Glossier’s staggering 2.8 million Instagram followers are international, illustrating the brand’s global appeal. Glossier has received an overwhelming 10,000 interactions requesting international shipping, making it the brand’s most sought-after feature.

At the heart of Glossier’s philosophy is the celebration of individuality. Whether you prefer a natural, bare-faced look or a full-glam transformation, Glossier’s products are designed to complement you, enhancing your unique features without masking your identity.

Among Glossier’s iconic offerings are:

Cloud Paint: A gel-cream blush that imparts a natural, healthy glow to your cheeks. Mix it with Futuredew for a fresh, radiant appearance.

Boy Brow™: An all-in-one brow groomer that conditions, thickens, fills, tints, and holds brows in place. Effortlessly perfect your brows.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: A pH-balanced face wash that gently removes makeup, oil, and dirt while nourishing and conditioning your skin. It leaves your skin clean but never stripped.

Futuredew: An oil-serum hybrid that bestows a lasting, glassy glow upon your skin. Achieve the appearance of a meticulous 10-step skincare routine in just one step.

Glossier You: A personal fragrance that complements your distinct scent. Spritz it on your neck and wrists for a captivating, enduring aroma.

Stretch Fluid Foundation + Stretch Balm Concealer: Skin-loving formulas that leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated with a natural finish. Blend them seamlessly with our Stretch Face Brush for a flawless application.

As Glossier embarks on this thrilling global journey, it invites you to make these products your everyday essentials, finding a cherished place on your Top Shelf. Welcome to Glossier, where beauty is deeply personal and uniquely yours.