Culinary hotspot IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar announces its opening for the 2023 season in the centre of Ibiza on the Sunday 21st May. Located at the SIR Joan Hotel, overlooking the stunning Old Town and Ibiza marina, IZAKAYA presents world class Japanese cuisine with South American influences. Bringing a contemporary dining experience to Ibiza’s shores, IZAKAYA, is an authority in Asian gastronomy and has taken the traditional Japanese dining experience to a higher level.

In 2017, IZAKAYA travelled to the Balearic Islands and settled at the heart of SIR Joan Hotel. BARANOWITZ + KRONENBERG took the initial urban DNA of IZAKAYA, which they first defined in Amsterdam, and transcended it to the realm of a summer resort of laid–back sun-seeking elite, jet setters and smart party lovers. Perceived as an inside-out venue, the pool and cabanas are part and parcel of the IZAKAYA experience.

Time-honoured techniques blend with innovative signatures, with spectacular dishes as a result. Composing of a sophisticated menu of a variety of small, unconventional dishes and specialties of the Robata grill, always daring guests to try something new. Time after time. The show kitchen at IZAKAYA dazzles guests as a socialising spot, like Amsterdam, the traditional Robata grill is centred in the heart of the restaurant. Where parties of up to 15 will be able to watch the chef and share an inspiring culinary performance while seated along the polished steel chef’s table. Inspired by the maritime life of the Balearics, the IZAKAYA design resonates with yacht living where walnut wood planks, polished stainless-steel details and socialising are fundamental. 

Besides the specialities of the Robata grill, IZAKAYA has a sophisticated menu of Sakana – a variety of small dishes – and dishes created with the Hibachi fire bowl, a Japanese small hot plate. An exquisite selection of sushi and sashimi complete the menu. 

The inside-out layout means guests can opt for its outdoor cabanas and poolside dining under the sun. After sunset, the outside loungers create a chic dining space while a live DJ mixes Balearic beats into the night.

New for 2023, enjoy the delights of the IZAKAYA experience without even having to leave your suite, villa or yacht. IZAKAYA is offering private restaurant to door delivery. Enjoy the highlights of the main menu, as well as bespoke sushi boxes, perfect for catering a relaxing evening, special occasion or excursion. This is also available for boat trips.