Since 2017, the Gentleman Givenchy line offers a new vision of elegance combining audacity and delicacy. In 2020, Gentleman Givenchy’s power of attraction is intensifying with an unprecedented fragrance: Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Parfum Boisée, a new interpretation of the range that reveals Gentleman’s sensual side to the full.

A surprising fragrance that pairs the warmth of ery wood with the subtle elegance of iris… Like a gentleman who demonstrates character and sensitivity in equal measure. Composed by master perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp like the line’s three previous creations, this oral woody spicy scent leads us into a fragrant encounter whose charm works in three stages:


It’s love at first sight from the beginning… Fresh and multifaceted coriander seed fuses with black pepper to enliven green geranium notes.


More than a timeless elegant ingredient, iris is a distinctive element in Gentleman Givenchy’s history, a signature of sophistication. At the heart of the Eau de Parfum Boisée, this ower is structured around cedar and an addictive cocoa that adds a touch of warmth to the note.


The mysterious depth of patchouli contrasts with the enveloping voluptuousness of sandalwood. The senses lose themselves in a burning wood accord.

A modern adaptation of a vintage Givenchy design, the Gentleman Givenchy bottle exudes a timeless attitude with its understated lines. The eternal elegance of simplicity.

After pure white and tuxedo black, it has adopted a brand new dress code for Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Parfum Boisée: the glass is tinted brown, while the band takes on a woody appearance marked by gold-toned writing. 

Bold and tender in one, sophisticated and laid-back, sexy and funny… the Givenchy gentleman is a hero whose personality has more than one facet, not to mention more than one contradiction. In any case, he graciously asserts his uniqueness. He boasts a witty style, as seen in the ad campaigns in which he is played by one of the most talented British actors: Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The actor brilliantly embodies the Givenchy gentleman in all his spontaneity and elegance. He is the archetype of today’s gentleman: entirely in step with his time, he is a committed feminist who doesn’t hesitate to speak up to defend any form of equal rights. It is no coincidence that he forms one of cinema’s most inspiring power couples of our time with his wife, director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

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Timotej Letonja