Since embarking on her career in 2009, Nanao has appeared in a wide range of dramas, films, and magazines. In particular, she has won numerous awards for her roles in TV drama series, and her singular presence has made her a closely watched talent.

“I am very honored to be appointed as Givenchy’s new Japan Ambassador. Givenchy is a timeless brand that elevates me as a woman and an actress. I am very much looking forward to collaborating with the House on my personal expressions of elegance, which I consider a very important, key theme whether I am in front of the camera or not,” said Nanao.

This marks the first time that Givenchy has named a Japanese actress as an ambassador. “I really admire Nanao for her professional versatility as well as her personal energy and style. She will make an ideal Japan Ambassador, and I look forward to working together,” said Givenchy Creative Director Matthew M. Williams.

For this announcement, photographer Leslie Kee, a close friend of Nanao, captured the actress’s elegance and strength in her first official portrait for Givenchy.