For the fall – Winter 2023 Men’s Collection, Givenchy re-evaluates the archetypes of menswear through the eyes of contemporary masculinities.

In the arts-driven community that surrounds him, Artistic director Matthew M. Williams identifies an instinctive evolution of sartorial virtues reflected in his own relationship with clothes. It as an appreciation for the traditional values of menswear revitalized by the impulse to adapt them to suit a modern-day mentality: a dressing culture founded in individual ideas of formality, ease and confidence. 

Presented within an optical white box, the collection highlights the technical an artisanal approach employed in the transformation of garments and accessories, magnifying the radical cutting, complex fabric treatments and intricate surface decorations that underpin the process. The customization of dress codes takes form in tailoring defiantly unhemmed at the seams, allowing for an unravelling process that elongates the physique. The technique triggers a study of volumes that spill out, disobeying the tucked in tradition, in looks layered to achieve the maximum effect of the idea. They are created with cropped sweatshirts or with delicate jerseys pulled tightly over baggy layers of sportwear to define an elegant silhouette. 

Throughout, the archetypes of the workwear wardrobe are hacked with exuberant motifs. From faux snakeskin to cheetah print and imitated wolf, they invoke the sudden explosions of pattern and texture found within Hubert de Givenchy’s otherwise classic private interiors.