2022 has been a fruitful year for Givenchy Beauty. After the appointment of renowned makeup artist Thom Walker as Makeup Creative Director in January, the beauty brand released two new skincare lines, (“Skin Ressource” and “Skin Perfecto”,) and is now set to release a brand-new lipstick line: Le Rouge Interdit Intense Silk. Promising high-impact pigmentation with sheer, silk-like comfort, the new luxurious lipstick comes in 25 colours, ranging from intensely bold to subtly soft.

When asked about stand-out shades in the collection, Thom says: “I love shade No. 110, a soft pink shade – the perfect daytime lipstick. Shade No. 119 is a beautiful almost cashmere-like nude – a slightly more yellow-based pink, perfect for deeper skin tones. No. 500 is a beautiful mid-tone nude, a slightly gingery pinkish brown shade. Great as a daytime statement on lighter skin tones, powerful also on deeper and darker skin tones. I would say that shade No. 117 is the deepest red in the collection – a yellow-based brownish red. It’s both a deep and seductive colour for an evening lipstick shade.” Favourite to Thom himself is number 333, the shade ‘L’Interdit’: a universal and neutral red, that has become a Givenchy cult classic.

“When it comes to innovation, there is nothing like challenging the rules. A new name, new formula and new design: Le Rouge, the House’s iconic lipstick, now breaks the mould, becoming Le Rouge Interdit. Just like L’Interdit perfume, this new lipstick embodies the absolute freedom to embrace your singularity.

Le Rouge Interdit Intense Silk marks a new chapter forGivenchy lipsticks, reflecting the House’s dedication to Couture and innovation. It is immediately set apart by its rich shades, semi-matte shine and ultra-comfortable silky feel. Intense colours and sensory textures have never been blended in such a stylish way. But its design is also unprecedented in other ways: demonstrating Givenchy’s environmental commitments, the formula mostly contains ingredients of natural origins and is presented in a refillable case. It establishes itself as a fundamentally unique lipstick, exceeding all expectations.

Le Rouge Interdit Intense Silk boasts highly pigmented bright colours, perfectly buildable coverage, long-lasting hold (12 hours) and a silky, semi-matte finish. This exceptional combination launches lip makeup to the next level without compromising on comfort or sensoriality. Its delicate, creamy texture is packed with active skincare ingredients, keeping the lips hydrated for 24 hours while still feeling lightweight.

Mostly containing ingredients of natural origin, Le Rouge Interdit is fully keeping up with the House’s ongoing eco-composition commitment. Infused with an ultra-sensory silk powder extract, the new formula also contains the range’s signature active ingredient: Acmella Oleracea extract. It is harvested using an environmentally respectful method: only the flower is picked, leaving the rest of the plant to grow. This active ingredient helps make the lips firm and smooth. The formula is completed by hyaluronic acid molecules, which assist in preserving the lips’ natural hydration.

Exceptionally high-tech, the composition is rich in vegetable oils, including a deeply nourishing prickly pear oil extract which offers unparalleled comfort and contributes to making the formula easy to apply. Additionally, a combination of three 100% natural waxes (rice, sunflower and beeswax) allows the lipstick to create a super-fine, radiant and long-lasting film upon application. Finally, a trio of perfecting powders enhances the result by blurring any imperfections. Inspired by Haute Couture materials, like the silk powder, Givenchy’s unprecedented formula ensures the semi-matte, ultra-sensory finish of Le Rouge Interdit Intense Silk.

Twenty-five refillable shades form the palette of Le Rouge Interdit Intense Silk. Twenty-five powerful and distinctive hues create the perfect Couture colour chart, according to Givenchy. The House’s colour expertise is reflected in the blending of pigments, in each semi-tone and each hint of colour… The collection reveals some particularly striking reds, accounting for more than half of the shades. Masterfully balanced, these reds include those hinted with blue, orange, brown or dark purple as well as fiery tones, deeper hues and, of course, pure reds. All equally essential. The rest of the shades complete the intense colour palette to offer a full wardrobe of hues, designed to meet all expectations. Thom Walker, the House’s Makeup Creative Director, says “putting on red lipstick gives you a sort of power. This colour suits all skin tones and the result is always stunning. Givenchy is offering an incredible palette of reds, allowing everyone to find the shade that suits them. Whether it takes on a bold, sophisticated or seductive tone, red remains powerful and timeless.”

Givenchy’s smallest Couture accessory speaks for itself: the sleek black leather case is just as desirable as the great classics of Fashion. Deeply important to the House, environmental responsibility was considered when redesigning the iconic design: it is now refillable in one simple step, reducing its carbon footprint by 46%*. The base and the case both contain recycled plastics (at least 30%). The box is made of paper from responsible, FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified sources and printed with bio sourced inks. Additionally, the 4G logo, already embossed on the cap, is replacing the stud at the bottom of the case. The new design echoes the codes of Givenchy Fashion’s latest creations. With that, this signature accessory has been truly modernised, both in terms of eco-design and aesthetics.”

Givenchy Beauty and it’s new Le Rouge Interdit Intense Silk is available in-store at de Bijenkorf Amsterdam, and online at Bijenkorf.nl.