Narrating a certain style is a constant process of writing and rewriting. It involves examining familiar elements from different angles to create new plots and weave new stories.

The story of Giorgio Armani always stems from the same unwavering urgency: to dress the present with a vibrant and authentic sign shaped by dignity and elegance. This collection reiterates the code while weaving a new story: the shapes are soft and elongated, interlaced threads either actually woven or evoked in prints that mimic knots, weaves with a touch of summer, and geometric patterns for rhythm.

The body is never exposed in an overt manner, but the energy that animates the lightweight volumes is palpable. Intertwined notes of blue, sand, and natural tones provide the chromatic completion of this particularly light and fresh collection, which includes shoes and sandals characterized in the same way by knots and weaves. A story in which everything comes together.

published and translated by Asia Lanzi