Giorgio Armani has always been fascinated by the psychology of dressing. He explores the nuances and passages in a very natural way. It is no coincidence that his style was immortalised in a film scene showing a man in front of a wardrobe, intent on making a choice. The new collection is just that: a structured wardrobe, a collection of garments that, when updated, span the decades in rapid transitions. They are clothes that each man can wear and mix and match as he wishes, to express and portray himself. There is also a touch of eclecticism in conceiving new volumes and applications: jackets are soft and flowing like shirts, coats are supple and enveloping, sweaters adhere to the body and are punctuated with geometric patterns. The way surfaces are used is also eclectic: geometric patchworks of velvet and wool, or brightly coloured floral patterns make each garment unique. The journey into a world of typically Armanian ease follows a chromatic path that switches between natural hues, deep blues and black, alongside flashes of leather, brightened by velvet. This is the portrait of a self-assured, nonchalant man, who can dispense with a jacket in the evening, wearing only a velvet shirt.