Giorgio Armani Neve is the selection of garments and accessories that make up your mountain wardrobe: apparel designed for all winter holiday occasions, from performing on the slopes to après-ski. The worlds of outerwear and sport are interpreted through research into materials, colors, and shapes that reflect the natural elegance at the heart of the Giorgio Armani aesthetic,  without ever renouncing function.  

For the autumn/winter 2023/24 season, the women’s selection includes jackets sectioned by quilting that creates fun pleats, mini shearling capes, knitted blousons with a fur effect, and straight-leg jumpsuits with a gentle flare. Knitwear is an important presence: mohair trousers,  wrap-around pullovers, or base layers with fitted lines. The color palette focuses on black and sand, contrasted by delicate shades of pink.  

The men’s proposal includes puffer jackets, trousers, jumpsuits, and wrap-around capes in technical cashmere, both comfortable and waterproof, featuring vertical quilting that interprets classic men’s pinstripes in a mountain key. Trousers and overalls in warm corduroy and cloth are waterproof and feature the same motif. English rib knit with shearling detailing and wool and cashmere jersey garments add texture, while a blend of the finest materials, contrasting details, and a minimal and functional design give depth to an essentially black and asphalt palette, with bright touches of red.  

Hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, boots, hook belts, backpacks, and water bottle holders in technical canvas complete the selection, along with helmets, visors, skis, and snowboards. 

Giorgio Armani Neve is a collection designed for winter sports enthusiasts and anybody who likes to spend their winter holidays in the mountains with a touch of subtle elegance.