Giorgio Armani Neve kicked off the autumn/winter season in St. Moritz last night at an event held at the Palace Hotel in the presence of Giorgio Armani. Numerous guests attended the evening, including journalists, clients, and international talents. The event, set against the evocative backdrop of the famous Swiss resort, provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the new Giorgio Armani Privé High Jewelry collection.

The evening was followed by a black velvet ball that opened with a performance by the group Superfly and continued with a performance by artist Jack Savoretti, who also sang a surprise duet with Gianna Nannini. DJ Graziano Della Nebbia concluded the evening.

The Giorgio Armani Privé jewelry collection, exclusive creations similar to haute couture garments, will be available from December 11 to 27 at the Giorgio Armani boutique in Zurich and from December 27 to January 8, 2024, at the Giorgio Armani boutique in St. Moritz before arriving in Paris for Haute Couture Week from January 18 to 30. The collection will arrive in Milan at the end of January.

Giorgio Armani Neve will continue its journey around the world with a reinvented concept that will be presented in some of the largest international Giorgio Armani boutiques – Milan, Paris, London, Munich, St. Moritz, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing CCP, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Nanjing, and New York. To offer customers an immersive experience in the world of Giorgio Armani, the renowned high-altitude restaurants Alpina Hutte in St. Moritz (until April 1, 2024) and Ideal 1850 in Megève (from December 22 to March 24) will feature a dedicated installation with custom tables, chairs, and tableware. The staff, dressed in specially designed uniforms, will serve Armani/Dolci cocktails and chocolates, and a DJ will entertain throughout the season.

For the occasion, the group renews its partnership with the One Ocean Foundation, an Italian nonprofit organization working internationally for the protection of the marine environment. The goal is to raise awareness of the interconnectedness between mountain and marine ecosystems. The melting of glaciers, accelerated by climate change, poses a risk of releasing persistent organic pollutants accumulated in the ice, threatening the health of oceans and humanity. The Armani group actively supports the educational initiatives and research projects of the One Ocean Foundation to address these environmental challenges.