Ghostly Kisses, acclaimed at Berlin’s Pitchfork festival, releases “Golden Eyes” and an accompanying transformative music video. The track, blending spirited melodies and UK Garage beats, narrates a romantic awakening within friendship. Ghostly Kisses’ self-awareness and songwriting prowess shine, creating a therapeutic experience. The video, shot on 16mm, offers an authentic glimpse into Ghostly Kisses’ introspective mind. Born Margaux Sauvé, a Quebec-native from a musical family, she began with the violin and later ventured into singing and songwriting. “Golden Eyes” marks her inaugural English release, part of a planned sequence for 2023-2024. Approaching 100 million Spotify streams and recent performances alongside notable artists, Ghostly Kisses is solidifying her international presence.

Can you share what moved you to make “Golden Eyes” and how the narrative of romantic awakening within the dynamics of friendship unfolded in your mind?

The inspiration for ‘Golden Eyes’ came from a conversation I had with a fan during a tour. They shared a story with me that was deeply moving, and it got me thinking about the connections we make with people, even in passing moments.  The narrative took shape in my mind as I explored the nuances of connection and intimacy within the dynamics of a close bond. ‘Golden Eyes’ captures the essence of that pivotal moment when you realize there’s a profound connection that transcends mere camaraderie.

How did the collaboration with George FitzGerald come about and what role did he play in shaping the unique sound of “Golden Eyes”?

In creating this song, Louis-Étienne and I aimed to venture into a distinct genre, integrating features such as UK Garage drum beats. Being admirers of George’s previous work, we were thrilled when he expressed interest in co-producing the song alongside Louis. This collaboration posed a creative challenge, propelling us toward new avenues while maintaining fidelity to the Ghostly Kisses sound. Striking the perfect balance between the introduced elements and the familiar essence was crucial—we aspired for the song to feel fresh while remaining familiar to our dedicated fan base.

The music video seems to be a visual journey with a forewarning. Can you elaborate on the concept behind the video and how it complements the essence of the song?

In crafting the music video for “Golden Eyes,” we wanted to encapsulate a visual odyssey infused with a sense of premonition. The concept revolves around the idea of a journey, a quest to find answers, hinting at the profound moments of romantic awakening and the delicate dance between friendship and love. Also, the crimson hues were used as a sense of warmth and emotional depth to enhance the mood of the song and intensify the emotions. The video also serves as an invitation, drawing listeners into a journey of discovery, as we’re about to reveal a deeper secret linked to the ‘Box of Secrets’ project. 

Having released enchanting French singles earlier, this single marks your inaugural English release. How does your creative approach differ when working in different languages, and how do you feel the language itself influences the emotional tone of your music?

Both languages offer unique opportunities for creative expression. I think that English allows me to reach a broader audience and universality, while French provides a special connection to my cultural roots and allows for a nuanced exploration of emotions and themes. The choice of language often depends on the nature of the song and the emotions we aim to convey, each language brings its own richness and beauty to the music.

How does your background in psychology influence your songwriting process and the themes you explore in your music?

My background in psychology plays a certain role in shaping my songwriting process and the themes I explore. It has heightened my awareness of human emotions, relationships, and the complexities of the human mind. However, I will often write based on how I personally see the world and how I emotionally navigate through different experiences or emotions.

What are the hopes and expectations for 2024?

There’s a lot in the works, and we can’t wait to share new music and creative projects with everyone. We just concluded an artistic exploration that we’ll be ready to share with the world soon. Stay tuned for upcoming releases, shows and other surprises. The story continues, and we’re very grateful for the support of our amazing listeners on this musical journey.