Diesel experiments with a new democratic show format, inviting a global audience to experience the fall winter runway show during Milan Fashion Week.

Watching someone who’s watching you.

Creative Director Glenn Martens experiments with a new democratic show format for his Fall Winter 2024 DIESEL co-ed runway show during Milan Fashion Week. Scheduled for Wednesday Feb. 21, 2024, the show will take place at 12.30 pm CET and will be open also to members of the public.

Watching and being watched. It goes both ways.

For Fall Winter 2024, a global audience of 1,000 ticketholders will be invited to watch and participate in the show no matter their location. The show is envisioned by Glenn Martens as a uniquely voyeuristic and interactive experience. Details about access to the show will be revealed on Feb. 9th at 12.00 pm CET on Diesel’s platforms.

Additionally, for the first time, the entire show prep process will also be open for all to see. From Feb. 18-20, Diesel’s casting, atelier and the runway show set up will be broadcast via livestream on Diesel’s platforms. Anyone can log on to see what really goes into making the runway come to life.

During Martens’ tenure Diesel has recommitted to its values of inclusivity and bringing fashion to a more democratic and larger audience. He continues to find new, unexpected ways to engage with clients, students, friends and fans of the brand outside the traditional fashion show audience.