New! Marie-Stella-Maris 100% Natural Cordials. ‘Seriously, subtle, sophisticated & surprising’

Awaiting the hot summer days, Marie-Stella-Maris got you covered when in need of refreshments. Instead of your regular soft drinks or beer, Marie-Stella-Maris offers you a surprising alternative; 100% Natural Cordials. Mix it up using their unique flavors and add them to your favorite cocktail. 

Unique flavors

A unique blend of ingredients will satisfy your taste buds. This cordial stands out from the crowd thanks to its distinctive high-quality, all-natural ingredients. They prove to not be your typical cordial because of the combination of classic and uncommon herbs and spices like nutmeg, rosemary, pink pepper, and the seed of paradise. What is even more exciting is that they produce locally in Amsterdam.

Rhubarb 0,5L / €6,99

Rhubarb, pomegranate, pink pepper

A lively, fruity cordial with a leading role for the classic, immediately-recognizable rhubarb. Pomegranate is an exotic, juicy addition while the cheerful spiciness and fragrance of pink pepper and rosemary lift this cordial way above the ordinary. Perfect as an aperitif, between courses or between meals! 

Elder 0,5L / €6,99

Elderflower, quince, nutmeg

Floral elderflower, fruity quince, and warming nutmeg. Like a walk through a fragrant, blossoming orchard. Subtle notes of elderflower combine harmoniously with the ripeness of quince and are cut through with the delicate warmth of nutmeg. Delicious as a thirst-quencher on a hot day. 

Cassis 0,5L / €6,99

Blackcurrant, oak, paradise seed

An iconic taste turned on its head. This cordial has dark, fruity blackcurrant
as the star of the show with seductive, smokey oak quietly, but distinctively, playing in the background. Bringing these sultry flavors together? A dash of seed of paradise: an exotic, peppery-citrusy explosion of flavor. A sophisticated cordial for a special occasion.

Ginger 0,5L / €6,99 

Ginger, lime, apple 

Spicy and fresh – alive with real ginger! An addictive cordial that is tantalizingly surprising yet reassuringly familiar. The ginger provides an intensely aromatic experience that pairs perfectly with zingy lime. These spicy notes are brought together and tamed with crisp, fresh apple. Delicious anytime, but particularly good as an aperitif.

Care for Water 

Where other soft drinks tend to be linked with excessive water use and packaging waste, Marie-Stella-Maris does it differently. The concentrated cordials are good for 25 cups, making this an environmentally responsible drink.  “Reduce your packing output by increasing your taste intake. It’s a win-win situation!” As if that weren’t enough, Marie-Stella-Maris gives a portion of its profits to clean drinking water initiatives across the world. Over the last decade, the company has supported 16 sustainable water projects, giving clean water to approximately 85,000 people.

Availability and price

The cordials are available from 9 May for €6.99 in the Marie-Stella-Maris Stores on Keizersgracht and Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam, at NIX & NIX and online via