The hottest, danciest EP of the year is finally out, right in time for summer! Tove Lo and SG Lewis graced us with four intense tracks celebrating queer nightlife culture to shake it until the sun comes up. Drawing inspiration from 90’s club music, HEAT is a condensate of dancing grooves and lusty beats. More than just perfectly executed songs, HEAT is a whole concept that includes one video to accompany each track, and a series of release parties around the globe titled CLUB HEAT. 

HEAT is not your traditional summer EP that will get you moving all night long. It is a celebration of queer identity, and of any intricacy that characterize individuals. The very hot “Busy Girl” was written with “drag-queens and sassy bitches” in mind, while the closing track “Desire” is an emotional hymn to be listened at the end of the night. This diversity in the sounds is a mirror to the endlessness of queer experience. The NSFW official music video released today is a raw and fierce depiction of queer culture, in its most uninhibited aspect. 

And the videos released with the tracks testify it too. Following the character of Ali in the fictional queer nightclub CLUB HEAT, different perspectives are explored with each clip. Directed by David Wilson, an eminent figure of the London queer nightlife, the videos were shot at the iconic Electrowerkz club in the British capital.

To celebrate the EP release, Tove Lo and SG Lewis partied in West Hollywood last night at the epic CLUB HEAT party, DJ’ing B2B tracks of the EP and their favorite club cuts. But don’t be blue if you were not in West Hollywood yesterday (us neither), because CLUB HEAT is returning at Glastonbury Festival on Friday, June 28 for an extravagant DJ set. 

Watch the music video here