From September 1st to 30th, artist Frederique Matti will take over Hoxton Amsterdam, while you sip on your BOMBAY SAPPHIRE cocktail.

This late summer, a special outing is on your schedule, thanks to a unique collaboration between BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and THE HOXTON. Throughout the month of September, local artists will take over the Hoxton hotels in European cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Paris, and Rome. Lobbies, windows, and rooftops will be transformed into artworks where everyone can be inspired while enjoying specially designed gin cocktails. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is partnering with the best bartenders from Hoxton bars to create a series of limited edition cocktails, also inspired by the city. 

In our own capital city, Dutch artist Frederique Matti will revamp the Hoxton Hotel, inspired by small, important, and unimportant moments of everyday life. She uses thick layers of paint to capture the coziness of a typical bustling Amsterdam party. With her distinctive line style, she captures the atmosphere, expressed in objects that tell a story about the guests, the environment, and the energy of the moment. Her tangible, colorful patterns can be seen on a glass wall near the hotel’s entrance. The Amsterdam bar staff has also developed the “Spirit of Resilience”: a refreshing cocktail that symbolizes Dutch windmills. It’s mixed with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, dragon gin, Green Chartreuse, apple syrup, and lime juice, garnished with a banana leaf to represent the windmill sails. 

“In my studio, I work alone a lot, but it’s really cool when I can share my work with others and inspire them with it. I’m grateful for this opportunity to showcase my work to more people through the BOMBAY and HOXTON initiative. It’s beautiful to see that my work can have an impact on others.” 

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and THE HOXTON joined forces to show the public how inspiring the world and the city around us can be. The hotel group THE HOXTON is known for supporting local initiatives, whether it’s local cuisine, creatives, or other concepts. The gin brand BOMBAY SAPPHIRE also celebrates creativity, both within the cocktail glass and beyond. With the “Saw This Made This” campaign, emerging artists are highlighted at five different European locations with unique and temporary artworks aimed at creatively inspiring (hotel) guests: ‘the world is your gallery.’ 

Iconic film director Baz Luhrmann, known for movies like Elvis, Romeo & Juliet, and The Great Gatsby, is part of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’s “Saw This Made This” campaign as the Creative Director. The campaign aims to creatively motivate people and discover beauty in the things around them. The local artists involved in the project – they saw… the city, they made… art. It’s up to the audience to be inspired by this while enjoying a delicious cocktail. Beauty and inspiration are everywhere; you just need to take a moment to find them.