“Lava foam, embroidered bugs, burning waves. March 7, 2022. A first show in Paris, the city I dreamed of, in the heart of a place where past and future collide, a ballroom buzzing with hopes and appearances. Paris, in its crazy majesty, pile-up of high voltage neon lights, couture acids and sequined skin. Underwater fireworks. Passengers of the night weighted with cabochon masks and jeweled bags. Stretch velvet, constellation leather satin, 3D printed corn plastic, and set with crystals. Flowers from the abyss, shivery feathers, electric demons. In these silhouettes, there is everything that roars in me, everything that pushes me to transform darkness into light, to tell life in all its brilliance. Not to pick up the pieces, but to organize something like an encounter between know-how and out-of-control; giving the embroidery the illusion that it is imploding, dripping wax over ice cubes, and smearing it with hair gel, then photo-printing it. Go further while dressing attitudes and not just images. It’s my first show, and that’s what I’ve been trying to tell since my debut. Demonstrate that recycling is not a passion-killer. The idea is not to make something new out of the old, but to transform oblivion into desire, waste into love, debris into promise. It is taking the light that no one wanted. The line becomes curved, following body contours, while the timeless pieces, from the tuxedo jacket to the denim one, are adorned with shards of pearls, silicone comets. We are working on anatomy, it’s an emotion, and the whole collection starts from this inner explosion.»