“Taking holes and bringing them to light, appropriating destruction to transform it in a positive way…” A man’s shirt becomes a draped sheath, and a blazer, a short suit sensor of orgones. Magic breaks into the great bazaar of the contemporary world, offering the office-wear its devouring blows. From ties to shirts, from bodies to caps, color “eats” the everyday, deadstocks indulge in all poetic alchemy. 52 meters of ostrich feathers for a coat like a watercolor in trance. The whole spectrum of Germanier colors is atomized in fades of pinks, blues, yellows, between full moon tulle and velvet days, cotton poplin electrified by particles in shambles. Opacity and brilliance, electromagnetic radiation and shadow play, this season is resolutely on the side of light and its metamorphoses. Exploded collars, straight edges, embroidered meteorites, rigor puts itself in danger, abandoning itself to all the fertile accidents, a spurt of pearls, faceted cabochons and borderline asymmetries. In the whimsical laboratory, the cut-outs become clouds, motifs of hope and earthly flight. The collaboration with Gustavo Silvestre, a Brazilian craftsman who works with prisoners in Rio, confirms this desire to give meaning to what no longer has any. In the name of life, of the fire of which it is the promise. An energy of radiation. “Even if I make an all black collection, it will always be bright.”

Kevin Would like to thank :

– Christian Louboutin, for his fantastic heels and irresistible makeup without which Germanier’s soul could not have vibrated so much

– The precious help of L’Oréal for their meticulous work on the hairstyles of our models

– Anna Trevelyan’s expert advice in designing his creations

– The support of OBO, without whom the catwalk wouldn’t have been as bright

– The support of Swarovski for nearly 9 seasons, which has allowed the incorporation of “Reignited Crystals”, so meaningful to Germanier

– Laurastar products for the preparation of his fashion show

– The Swiss Fashion Museum for its advice

– All of the people who helped him create the chairs that allowed the catwalk to breathe and shine with the Germanier identity

– Gustavo Silvestre for his crochet creations and his social involvement