The idea of the campaign focuses on the relationship between your skin and denim, with Georgia May Jagger as the face. The 32-year-old British-American photographic model and designer, presents the DetoxDenim Spring 2024 collection. To make sure she is the center of attention, ARMEDANGELS collaborated with Anna Daki, a photographer based in Berlin. Anna has the ability to uniquely capture human beauty, placing a strong emphasis on showing the personality and essence of the person in front of her lens. With her talent for spotlighting her subjects purely and minimalist, she was the perfect choice for this campaign.

Wear it like Georgia: timeless denim for every occasion.
“ARMEDANGELS embodies everything I believe in. Their 17-year commitment to sustainability is truly ahead of its time, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. The collection’s classic, versatile designs, like my favorite pair, HAAYI in indigo stone, not only look great but feel amazing to wear. Sustainability shouldn’t compromise style or comfort, and ARMEDANGELS proves this point. It’s about finding pieces that become staples in your wardrobe, timeless and enduring,” said Georgia May Jagger.

Denim is part of ARMEDANGELS’ DNA. That’s why the brand wants to make sure it doesn’t harm ourselves or the world in the short or long term. That’s why we choose extra consciously what goes into our DetoxDenim. The items are made without harmful chemicals, with organic cotton, grown without synthetic pesticides and recycled cotton. Dangerous chemicals such as potassium permanganate and chlorine are replaced with innovative techniques such as laser or ozone treatments.
As a company, ARMEDANGELS follows strict chemical standards according to GOTS certification and we produce close to Europe to reduce transportation distance. Depending on the product, DetoxDenim uses organic cotton or 100% recycled cotton, along with garment dyeing techniques.

Certain options feature TENCELTM Lyocell or TENCELTM x REFIBRATM Lyocell fibers, using innovative REFIBRATM technology to recycle cotton scraps from garment production into new, virgin TENCELTM Lyocell fibers. This pioneering closed-loop manufacturing process reflects Lenzing’s commitment to contribute to the circular economy in the textile industry, making TENCELTM and REFIBRATM trademarks synonymous with sustainable fashion innovation.